Infineon is one of the top ten globally leading semiconductor companies. With our 40 years expertise in building world-class industry leading semiconductors we can successfully implement your requirements for a customized solution. Infineon has 56 R&D locations, 20 in-house fab locations, has direct access and collaboration with all major silicon foundries and outsourcing partners for assembly and test. Our offers range from full turnkey solutions where you just need your project idea, down to customer centric business models where customer R&D and IP can be part of the project execution.


Implementation Feasibility

Starting point for every ASIC project is the product idea. Just tell us what you need and we will shortly assess if the ASIC can be realized and what are the border conditions. It can be either

– A modification of an existing standard product to be optimized for your system

– The integration of several functions of one or more existing off-the-shelf products

– An existing FPGA you are using today with or without modification or enhancements

– A list of requirements for your system

– A specification with details of the integrated functions


We also need a timeline (Start of production) and expected volumes of your (for 5 years after ramp up)


Note: A detailed feasibility will be offered only if there is a justification for a solid business case followed by an ASIC development and manufacturing at Infineon.

ASIC Concept

We define the detailed concepts of the implementation and the project setup including timeline together with our customers. The technology and package will be fixed, it will be finally decided if a single silicon (SoC = System on Chip) or a package which includes multiple dies /(SiP = System in Package) will be the best solution.


Infineon as a market leader in customized solutions, believe innovation comes through collaboration and exploring new paths. Our customers have benefitted from our drive to come up with new ideas, to think ahead and solve problems before they occur. We have an eye for details and we intend to design a chip that will excel.


In turnkey projects, you provide your product idea and Infineon can take care of everything. A specification will be developed and aligned with optimized partitioning for the IC, taking your system requirements always into account. We have a lot of innovative concepts driving your system further towards efficiency and cost effectiveness.


In customer centric or joint development projects we partner and build a combined team of R&D resources which will execute the design during the entire project. You can bring in just your design expertise, some smaller IP-Block or a complex analog block including physical design tasks.


We define a Statement-of-work for every project which will be tailored to customer needs and to ensure a smooth execution.


Note: Infineon design concept services are coming along only together with an ASIC produced at Infineon

ASIC Design

Customers can take advantage of Infineon’s core competencies in combination with world class analog mixed signal expertise, power, RF, security, embedded control and sensor integration to achieve the product or solution needed in the shortest time possible.


Infineon’s ASIC design flow is a highly automated approach applying state-of-the-art deep submicron design methodologies such as early floor planning, links-to-layout, timing driven placement and routing.


The first time right claim is backed by design-for-test measures such as full scan design, ATPG (Automatic Test Pattern Generation), BIST (Built-in Self-Test), macro isolation with boundary scan, IDDQ testing etc.


Tight time-to-market cycles are met by using advanced verification methods such as static timing analysis, formal verification and well defined sign-off procedures for all technologies.


For the various design steps we use industry leading, commercially available tools. Our emphasis on standard interfaces and tools simplifies integration with the customer design flow tremendously.


We ensure continuous learning on design-flow and technology and implement regular updates of our design system and libraries based on latest silicon results.


Existing FPGA can be converted to an ASIC in an easy and automated way using our conversation tools. After assessment, additional functionality can be integrated as well, if needed.


Note: Infineon design services can be booked only together with an ASIC produced at Infineon

ASIC Manufacturing, Assembly and Test

Infineon is globally positioned with its network of 20 owned frontend and backend manufacturing sites. We also have well established partnerships with all major silicon foundries and assembly & test fabs to complement our in-house technologies.


Our customers can concentrate on their core businesses while Infineon is taking care of production stability and continuity. This saves our customers a lot of resources and minimizes their risk. We deliver only good devices to our customers. Our production and testing facilities work non-stop to guarantee a perfectly working product. We sort out every chip that does not fulfill our highest quality standards or the customers’ requirements.


Note: Infineon is not offering pure foundry business. Access to our manufacturing is coming along only together with an ASIC produced at Infineon

ASIC Qualification and Failure Analysis

All of our devices has passed an extensive qualification and reliability testing before getting productive. The qualification plan will be aligned with our ASIC customers and will exactly match their requirements while fulfilling Infineon’s highest quality standards. Our goal and initiative is zero defects. We run several in-house failure analysis labs with world class equipment use from mechanical access techniques to Computer tomography and scanning electron microscope examination – to identify the root cause of failures. We follow industry standards for every analysis and provide back e.g. 8D reports including containments actions to always improve and avoid failures for the future.


Note: Access to our qualification and field analysis for ASICs is coming along only together with an ASIC produced at Infineon

ASIC Logistics

Production excellence and Supply Stability all over the world.

Our fabrication facilities around the globe are known for highest quality standards. We align with our customers on forecast and required capacity to ensure no supply bottle necks. Our global distribution center are always close to customers and ensure that devices will reach customer in fastest possible time. Infineon takes care about the entire supply chain and ensure that material will reach the next manufacturing plant before the reserved slot will start. We automatically plan  backup lots and install certain buffer stock to always ensure supply without interruption. This ensures the reliable delivery Infineon is known for.


Note: Access to our ASIC logistics is coming along only together with an ASIC produced at Infineon

IP Cores

IP Library

Infineon has access to a numerous number of internal IP. These IP building blocks are used when Infineon is implementing an ASIC for you. Note that we do not sell or offer standalone IP blocks.