Integrated Detector Electronics AS (IDEAS)


IDEAS – Integrated Detector Electronics AS – is a fabless supplier of integrated circuits and systems based in Oslo, Norway. We design integrated circuits and systems, i.e., analog and mixed-signal, full-custom ASICs. The applications are in the fields of sensing, detection and imaging. IDEAS partners with research organizations and companies for new products based on IDEAS’ custom-made ICs. Samples of circuits and systems are available from stock and can be supplied on short notice. IDEAS is specialized in the development of radiation-hardened amplifiers, analog-to-digital converters (ADC) and readout integrated circuits (ROIC) for radiation detectors and image sensors. The IDEAS team consists of physicists and electronics engineers with more than 25 years in business.


Integrated Circuit Development

We develop integrated circuits, especially analog and mixed-signal full-custom ASICs. This includes specification of requirements, design, layout, verification, manage wafer fabrication, perform characterization, tests, and manage production. We are specialized in the development of amplifiers, data converters (A/D and D/A) and readout integrated circuits (ROIC).

Sensor Readout

We design IC readout for


  1. MEMS – micro-electro-mechanical systems
  2. FPA – focal plane arrays for image sensors, e.g. IR, x-ray, etc.
  3. TFT – thin film transistor panels
  4. Single photon detectors: PMT/MPPC/SiPM
  5. Charged particle detectors
  6. Controllers and video chain for ROICs
  7. Special sensors CZT, CdTe, TlBr, Ge, APD, GEM
  8. Photodiodes and diode arrays

Sensor System Development

We develop sensor systems with our integrated circuits. We have heritage with

  1. Energy resolved x-ray counting for medical/security applications
  2. X-ray line scanners for industrial scanning and tomography
  3. High-resolution gamma-ray imaging spectrometers for isotope identification and stand-off source location in nuclear safety, security and research
  4. Focal plane array readout control and digitization
  5. Micro-bolometer thermal image sensors

IP Cores

Analog IPs

List of analog IP building blocks

Amplifiers (low-noise, low power)

  1. Charge sensitive amplifiers (CSA, TIA, CTIA)
  2. Low-noise voltage amplifiers (LNA)
  3. Instrumentation amplifiers
  4. Output drivers
  5. Shaping amplifiers

A/D and D/A converters

  1. SAR – successive approximation register
  2. Pipeline

Regulators – low dropout (LDO)

Reference bias generators

Special functions

  1. Peak detectors
  2. Calibration circuits
  3. Comparators

Digital IPs

List of digital IPs

  1. Radiation-tolerant digital library in 0.35um CMOS (high SEE_th)
  2. Communication interfaces (SPI, other serial)
  3. SRAM
  4. Programmable Sequencers
  5. Counters
  6. Programmable coincidence units