IP-Maker is an expert in Intellectual Properties (IP) for high performance storage applications. We provide a complete solution for storage application development including a full set of IPs, low level software, development environment, training & support and design services.

Our IP portfolio includes a NVM Express compliant IP core, a Universal Nand Flash Controller and ECC. The typical markets are SSD, server, broadcast, industrial and consumer.



In addition to IP core design (NVM Express, Universal Nandflash controller and ECC), IP-Maker is able to provide full design services including IP integration, IP customization and board design. The combination of the expertise in storage-specific IP cores and storage system design makes IP-Maker the ideal partner for a state of the art SSD reference design.

Design service and design customization around our IP core or high speed buses (PCIe, USB3, SATA…)

IP Cores


IP-Maker’s Universal NAND Flash Controller (UNFC) IP core is

designed specifically to enable commodity Flash memory to be

effectively used in enterprise storage applications requiring high

reliability and large interconnect bandwidth. Using the prevalidated

UNFC IP allows greatly reduced time-to-market for

storage OEMs desiring higher IOPS benefitting from lower cost

SLC, MLC & TLC NandFlash memory.

+ ONFI 3.2 Compliant


+ SDR modes 0 to 5

+ NVDDR modes 0 to 5

+ NVDDR-2 modes 0 to 8

+ AXI4, Avalon or RAM interface

+ configurable BCH


Typical storage controllers are composed of a communication interface and a Nandflash controller. In this case, all the data flow is managed by the external host processor. However, this architecture cannot sustain high performance applications. The NVMe IP core designed by IP-Maker is a powerful data transfer manager integrated into the PCIe SSD Controller between the communication interface and the Nandflash controller, therefore off-loading the host CPU.

The IP-Maker NVMe IP is UNH-IOL NVM Express compliant. It is part of the official NVMe integrator’s list: https://www.iol.unh.edu/registry/nvme


+ NVM Express Compliant

+ Automatic Command Processing

+ Multi-Channel DMA

+ Up to 65536 I/O queues

+ Weighted round robin queue arbitration support

+ All commands/log management

+ Legacy interrupt/MSI/MSI-X support

+ Low Power architecture


Nand Flash write cycles are limited. An ECC detects and corrects

failed operations, increasing the lifetime of the Nand Flash

memory. For Nand Flash-based data storage, using an ECC is

mandatory to ensuring data validity. IP-Maker’s powerful ECC is

based on the BCH algorithm. The IP-Maker BCH Encoder/Decoder

is full-featured with ease-of-use in FPGA and SoC designs.


+ ECC for NandFlash Storage

++ Up to 64 error-bits/block

++ Up to 1024 bytes block size

+ Fully Configurable

++ Latency

++ Datapath

++ Error number

++ Packet size