Kamaten Technology


Kamaten is a fabless semiconductor company with main focus on development and maintenance of hard IP macros portfolio. Our compact and efficient team of senior designers with long experience in semiconductor industry and extensive knowledge in the area specializes in quality custom design of PLL, DLL, ADC and other analog and mixed signal IP macros.


We also provide design services for telecommunication, automotive, consumer and storage system development by way of Time and Material (T&M) contracting.


Our goals are reducing development cost, shortening time-to-market and improving product quality. We offer state-of-the-art solutions tailored and optimized to each particular application.


Key words: PLL, DLL, ADC, DAC, CDR, SerDes, CTLE, TIA, DFE, PRBS, Specialized OpAmp, Capacitor Multiplier, Charge Pump, Bias Source, Regulator, VCO, Frequency Divider/Prescaler, CTT, Neural Network, Memory/Srorage, Design For Test (DFT)




Design Services, Time and Material (T&M) contracting

Analog and Mixed Signal design of building blocks for  telecommunication, automotive, consumer and storage applications.

IP Cores

PRBS-71532-HS: 32Gbps Pseudo Random Bit Sequence (PRBS) Generator/Checker of 7, 15, 31 order.

  • PRBS order: 7, 15 or 31
  • Full bit rate at input and output is up to 32Gbps
  • Generator and Checker functions; will output error free PRBS while in error checking mode
  • Accurate error count: no omissions or double counts
  • Full rate CMOS differential input data, centered with half-rate CMOS differential clock
  • Full rate CMOS differential output data, aligned with half-rate CMOS differential clock
  • Accurate embedded 10-bit error counter, externally expandable
  • Simple low frequency asynchronous CMOS control interface
  • Supply voltage: 0.9V
  • Power down mode
  • Typical power consumption: 80mA at 32Gbps in simultaneous Generator and Checker mode; scales with bit rate
  • Indicator signal facilitating switching between Generator and Checker mode
  • Operational temperature range: -40C to +110C
  • Footprint: 65 x 140 um
  • Process: TSMC 28nm HPC/HPC+, portable to more advanced processes