LinearASICs brings more than twenty-five years of experience in providing a full turn-key ASIC design service with extensive expertise in Analog & Mixed-Signal semiconductors. We can take a customer’s feature list or an existing discrete circuit design and produce a compact and cost-effective ASIC. Our mission is to get the customer’s idea’s designed and manufactured as their own custom ASIC device as fast and cost-effectively as possible.


We serve as your customers virtual IC design team systematically refining their ideas through the various stages of integrated circuit realization, architecture / design / verification:


  1. Architecture
  2. Specification Development
  3. Analog & Mixed-Signal (AMS) Design
  4. AMS Simulation
  5. AMS Synthesis, Floorplanning, Layout
  6. Post Layout Extraction (PEX) Simulation & Verification
  7. Prototype Fabrication, Prototype Packaging
  8. Prototype Evaluation
  9. Full project management through the life of the program


Analog / Mixed Signal ASIC Design

We serve as your virtual IC design team systematically refining your idea through the various stages of integrated circuit realization:


Architecture / Design / Verification:


Specification Development

Analog & Mixed-Signal (AMS) Design

AMS Simulation

AMS Synthesis, Floor planning, Layout

Post Layout Extraction (PEX) Simulation & Verification

Prototype Fabrication, Prototype Packaging

Prototype Evaluation

Circuit Design

Circuit analysis, design and optimization by our experienced circuit design team can assist with any Analog, or Mixed Signal task, from simple functional layout to full-custom development to advanced synthesis. We can tailor our services from individual contributors to supplement your team with specialized skills to turn-key in-house IP and product development.

Back-End Services

We offer full backend services to help our customers to move quickly and easily into silicon production.


Our industry-recognized team of experts provides all services needed to take your design into GDS2 and to silicon phase.


Our backend team is highly experienced in working with many different foundries, and packaging and test sites and can perfectly match the project needs with the most capable and cost effective backend site.

We have experience in multiple geometries raging from 180nm down to 22nm.

Custom PDK and PCELL

High-quality PCells and PDKs can significantly reduce design time and errors. We can develop a complete solution for you as our team have decades of full custom design experience and can be used to guarantee correct-by-construction design.

Low Cost ASIC or ASSP

If you need an ASIC but don’t have the budget we can help. We can plan an execute projects with flexible financing models from amortizing costs across volume or sharing design with other customers by making an ASSP, (Application Specific Standard Product).

Smart Integrated Power

We can optimize power circuits to SiPs or SoCs allowing maximum efficiency and minimal circuit board space requirements.


Industrial, Scientific and Medical applications:


Power converters and low-drop output regulators

Earth fault circuit breaker ASIC

Lamp drivers for LED

Controlling external power MOSFETs

Controlling battery charge

Power Management

IP Cores

Analog Signal Path IP (Amplifiers, ADCs, DACs, LDOs)


– Battery Management and Monitoring

– Wireless Power and Comms

– LED Drivers, DC/DC Converters, LDOs

– High Voltage Op-Amps

– Analog Front Ends (AFE)


Mixed Signal

– System on Chip (SOC)

– Memory Blocks EEPROM, SRAM etc.

– Licensed Processor Cores

– DAQ Signal Analysis ICs

– Biomedical Analysis ICs

– 8th Order Bessel and Other Filters

– ADC/DAC and MCU Cores

– Sample and Hold/Peak Detect



– RFID/NFC/BTLE Connected Sensors

– Optical Sensors (Vision, Imaging, ALS, PPG…)

– Electrical Sensors (Current, Voltage INS…)

– Accelerometer