Majelac Technologies


Majelac Technologies provides Semiconductor Assembly and Packaging services. We specialize in QUICK turnaround IC packaging. (Same Day Service is available)


We offer

  • Wafer Dicing (up to 300mm), MPW wafers, Individual Die Dicing
  • Epoxy Die Attach, Eutectic Die Attach, and Solder Die Attach
  • Gold Ball Wire Bonding
  • Aluminum Wedge Bonding
  • Copper Wire Bonding
  • Gold Ribbon Bonding
  • Stud Bumping
  • Heavy Wire Bonding (4 mil to 20 mil wire)
  • Flip Chip Attach (Solder, Thermo Sonic, Thermo Compression)
  • Encapsulation and Over molding
  • BGA Ball Attach
  • BGA Reballing
  • MEMS packaging


Our Package capabilities include QFN, SOIC, QFP, Open Cavity packages, CPGA, PPGA, Sidebraze Dip, BGA, FCBGA, MAP type QFN, Chip on Board COB, and custom packages.