Majelac Technologies


Majelac Technologies provides Semiconductor Assembly and Packaging services. We specialize in QUICK turnaround IC packaging. (Same Day Service is available)


We offer

  • Wafer Dicing (up to 300mm), MPW wafers, Individual Die Dicing
  • Epoxy Die Attach, Eutectic Die Attach, and Solder Die Attach
  • Gold Ball Wire Bonding
  • Aluminum Wedge Bonding
  • Copper Wire Bonding
  • Gold Ribbon Bonding
  • Stud Bumping
  • Heavy Wire Bonding (4 mil to 20 mil wire)
  • Flip Chip Attach (Solder, Thermo Sonic, Thermo Compression)
  • Encapsulation and Over molding
  • BGA Ball Attach
  • BGA Reballing
  • MEMS packaging


Our Package capabilities include QFN, SOIC, QFP, Open Cavity packages, CPGA, PPGA, Sidebraze Dip, BGA, FCBGA, MAP type QFN, Chip on Board COB, and custom packages.


QUICK Turnaround IC Assembly

Our SAME DAY service is available for prototype assembly of semiconductors, MEMS and more. We can assemble IC’s in as little as 4 hours.


Customers can supply wafers, or diced dies and we can assembly in Ceramic, Plastic or COB packages. We stock Open Cavity plastic packages in QFN, SOIC, or QFP formats.


Our wire bonders are fully automated and we offer ultra fine pitch bonding down to 35 micron pitch.


We can dice individual dies into sub dies for multiple projects on the same die.

Wafer Dicing and Sorting

Majelac Technologies dicing service is capable of dicing silicon wafers or hard materials.

Our standard dicing services include:

  • Dicing of Silicon wafers up to 300 mm  diameter
  • Dicing of MPW – Multi Project Wafers
  • Dicing of Individual Dies
  • Dicing of Ceramics, Glass, and other Hard materials
  • Dicing of Substrates and Molded QFN packages

Our Automated Dicing equipment includes tools from Disco and Advanced Dicing Technologies.

After Dicing, Automated Die Sorting is available to place your die in waffle pak or gel pak.

Backgrinding is available through partnerships with 3rd parties.

Flip Chip Assembly

Majelac Technologies provides Flip Chip Assembly services including Solder Reflow, Thermo-compression, Thermo-sonic, Copper Pillar, and Epoxy attach technologies. Pitch sizes down to 150 microns are available.

Our equipment includes a Semiconductor Equipment Corp Omni Bonder and an ESEC Micron 2 automatic bonder. Our SEC Omni Bonder has a spec of +/- 5 microns and the ESEC Micron 2 has a spec of +/- 12 microns placement accuracy.

Automatic Underfill is available as well as Ball Attach.

Stud Bumping service is available

Wire Bonding, Ribbon Bonding and Stud Bumping

Majelac Technologies offers:

Gold Ball Bonding (18 to 50 um wire)

Aluminum Wedge Bonding (18 to 50 um wire)

Copper Ball Bonding (20 um wire)

Gold Stud Bumping

Heavy Wire Bonding (100 to 500 um wire)

Ribbon Bonding (various sizes)

We offer Standard, Fine Pitch, and Ultra-fine Pitch bonding down to 35 microns.

We have automated bonders from several vendors to provide maximum capability. We can ball bond gold wire with lengths to 10.5 mm.