MAK have long experience and knowledge in microelectronics, polymeric materials and microelectronic assembly. Our knowledge and experience enable us to help you if you have any special mold compound, potting, encapsulation or assembly requirements for your product.


MAK specializes in advanced IC assembly and prototyping services for semiconductor companies, enabling faster time to market for new devices. The unique assembly requirements for Flip Chip, Chip-on-Board, stacked die, Multi-Chip Modules, System-in-Package, BGA and MEMS devices are addressed by MAK’s flexible processes and equipment, delivering prototypes to specification and on schedule.


MAK can handle prototypes as well as low to medium volume production and is the ideal partner for advanced IC assembly and prototyping, whether you need a complete turnkey solution or individual services. MAK provides unparalleled flexibility, quality and outstanding customer service.


We have delivered products for automotive, telecom, consumer, industrial, space and medical applications.


Microelectronic Assembly

Chip on Board (COB) / Chip on Flex (COF)
MAK has the capability to attach and bond dies on PCB and flex circuits. Passive components can be mounted and die protected with encapsulation, frame and lid or custom covers. MAK also has the capability of designing unique test fixtures for your populated boards.


Multi-Chip Module (MCM) / System in Package (SiP)
MAK’s flexible assembly processes can accommodate the bonding of multiple components, including die and discretes, on substrates. MAK can supply a turn-key solution, source ceramic or laminate based substrates from industry-leading suppliers and assemble your module according to your specifications.


Flip Chip Bonding
MAK offers complete prototype assembly services, including:

  • Wafer/Die Bumping
  • Die Placement
  • Solder Reflow
  • Underfill
  • Encapsulation
  • Substrate Ball Attach (BGA balling)

MAK also provides substrate design and manufacturing services to deliver a complete turnkey Flip Chip solution.


Stacked Die
When your device requires the integration of multiple components in a single package, such as ASIC and memory die, a stacked die assembly delivers the smallest footprint and most economical solution. Our capabilities in die attach and wire bonding, including die to die and die to substrate bonding, enable prototype assembly of your complicated stacked die devices. Backgrinding of individual dies enables the finished devices to meet original JEDEC package thickness specifications.



MAK’s assembly techniques and our knowledge in polymeric materials provides the capability to assemble unique MEMS devices, including chemical, environmental and pressure sensors and other configurations requiring an air cavity.

Encapsulation and potting

There are several reasons for encapsulation and potting of electronics. One of the biggest drivers is to achieve some kind of protection; environmental, chemical, moisture, mechanical, vibrations etc. It could also be that you have to reach a certain form factor or a function with your product.


You need to have all requirements mapped and good knowledge and experience in polymeric materials and encapsulation and potting processes in order to choose the right material and manufacturing process for your product. You also need to fully understand how polymeric materials behave and age when exposed to working conditions for you product. There are numerous parameters to take into consideration, if you fail one you might end up with a failing product.


MAK have 25+ years of experience working with encapsulation and potting processes. We do not have any standard products or materials; each project is unique and requires our full attention in order evaluate and develop a solution that will fulfill all requirements.


We can offer a turn-key solution and take your idea to a product with our experience and knowledge. MAK is independent and do not represent any brand of polymeric material, we choose the supplier and material that is best suited for your application.


The greater challenge the greater reason to choose MAK as your partner for your encapsulation and potting projects.

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