MAK have long experience and knowledge in microelectronics, polymeric materials and microelectronic assembly. Our knowledge and experience enable us to help you if you have any special mold compound, potting, encapsulation or assembly requirements for your product.


MAK specializes in advanced IC assembly and prototyping services for semiconductor companies, enabling faster time to market for new devices. The unique assembly requirements for Flip Chip, Chip-on-Board, stacked die, Multi-Chip Modules, System-in-Package, BGA and MEMS devices are addressed by MAK’s flexible processes and equipment, delivering prototypes to specification and on schedule.


MAK can handle prototypes as well as low to medium volume production and is the ideal partner for advanced IC assembly and prototyping, whether you need a complete turnkey solution or individual services. MAK provides unparalleled flexibility, quality and outstanding customer service.


We have delivered products for automotive, telecom, consumer, industrial, space and medical applications.