Leveraging extensive expertise in high-voltage and power ASIC design, MinDCet delivers tailored integrated circuit solutions. MinDCet solutions encompass the full development spectrum, working closely with our customers from conceptualization through to the low-to-medium volume production stage, backed by in-house production testing facilities and pre-production testing capabilities. The high quality development standards are affirmed in MinDCet’s ISO9001 certification.


Core development activities are focused on wide-bandgap gate drivers (GaN and SiC), high-voltage (>650V), radiation-hardened and high-temperature ASICs for power control, sensing and motor driving applications.


Additionally, MinDCet Measurement Systems develops and produces patented measurement systems for analyzing losses in inductors (MADMIX) and capacitors (MADCAP). These measurement systems are adding value to renowned R&D facilities and universities around the world.