Mirafra Technologies, is a technology consulting company with focus on semiconductor Design Services, Embedded Software Development and Digital Transformation. Mirafra has a strong team of more than 1400 engineers. We are headquartered in Bangalore with offices at Hyderabad, Chennai & Pune. We have offices in US and currently have a good-sized team working across North America. We also have operations in Europe as well.

Mirafra engineers have delivered hundreds of successful projects and have repeatedly demonstrated an ability to solve the toughest problems. We invest in hiring the best engineers and then provide them with continuous training and development opportunities.  Mirafra prides itself on having long and continuous engagements with its customers. We have more than 20 engagements which have been going on for more than 4 years each, with 4 of them for more than 8 years. Our customers range from startups to the top 10 largest semiconductor companies.


Design Verification

Mirafra’s verification team has proven expertise on taking complete ownership of verification of a design from scratch – whether that is an IP/SOC/subsystem – and taking it to verification closure by performing the following activities:

  • Understanding the design specification document and creating the test plan
  • Creating the complete verification environment using industry standard methodologies like UVM/OVM/VMM
  • Executing the test plan by using an intelligent mix of constraint random, directed and random test cases
  • Gate level simulations
  • Verification closure through corner case verification, coverage closure and regression closure

The AMS verification team at Mirafra has the skillsets required to execute on:

  • Analog/mixed-signal block simulations
  • Modelling of analog and mixed signal blocks using Verilog-AMS
  • Creating digital mixed signal test benches
  • Comprehensive AMS full chip verification of mixed signal ASICs.

Mirafra Verification team also has hands on expertise with System-C Verification

Design Implementation (RTL to GDSII)

Mirafra’s Physical Design, Implementation & Verification Service offerings are comprised of having expertise in following domains

  • Synthesis/Formal equivalence/UPF flow/CLP checks support
  • Extensive support on DFT insertion and Simulations
  • Hierarchical/Flat level chip implementation
  • Core Hardening or block Build development
  • Die Size optimization and related scripting and automation support
  • Physical Verification/DFM support for Hard Macros and full chip level
  • Signoff timing closure with X-talk effects, OCVs and ECO’s implementation
  • Low Power Implementation for Static/Dynamic reductions
  • EDA/CAD flow & methodology support



  • Process Nodes from 3nm to 28nm and higher
  • EDA tools from Synopsys, Cadence, Siemens (Mentor) & Ansys
  • Domain experience in Graphics, Wireless, Networking, Server/Client, Automotive SoCs & various IP Implementation
  • Low Power, Mixed Signal & Higher performance designs

RTL Design

  • Scope: Digital logic and microarchitecture, SOC integration,
    Linting, CDC, Formal, UPF
  • Verticals: Networking, Mobile, Processor, Memory/Storage
  • Protocols: PCIe, USB, Ethernet, SATA, DDR, LPDDR, Camera

Design for Test (DFT)

  • DFT Implementation – Scan Insertion and Stitching, MBIST, JTAG, LBIST, Compression, DRC
  • ATPG – Pattern Generation and Simulation/Debug
  • Post Silicon Debug
  • Modus, DFT Compiler, DFTMAX , Tetramax, Tessent, Test-Kompress, Spyglass, VCS, NCSim

Analog & Mixed Signal Design

  • Analog, IO and Mixed Signal IP development
  • Power Management (Ref/BGR/LDO/Buck/Boost/drivers)
  • Clock System (Osc/PLL/DLL), Data Converters (ADC/DAC)
  • Interfaces, USB, SerDes and DDR
  • Full-chip layout executions
  • Circuit design in Power Management, IO, SerDes and DDR modules

Emulation and Post Silicon Validation

  • Scope: Design, Validation, Prototyping, Emulation
  • Verticals: Telecom, Networking, Wireless, IoT, Memory/Storage
  • Protocols: PCIe, USB, Ethernet, SATA, DDR, LPDDR, Camera
  • Languages: Verilog, VHDL, System Verilog, HLS
  • Emulation Platforms: HAPS, Zebu, Palladium, Custom Board