Noesis Technologies


Noesis Technologies is a Silicon IP provider specialized in hardware implementation of fully configurable, high computational complexity telecom algorithms. Our IP cores present an industry leading combination of high performance, low power and low die-area, as well as easy customization for adaptability to a wide range of applications. Noesis offers an impressive portfolio in the areas of forward error correction, encryption, networking, voice/data compression, audio decoders, audio encoders, as well as baseband PHYs using OFDM technology for wireless and wireline applications.


In addition, Noesis offers expert ASIC/FPGA and DSP development resources that enable our customers to launch their products in the market on time and with the highest quality assured. Our highly skilled engineering team has professional expertise in software modeling, hardware design and implementation of complete systems mainly focused on data networking, audio, video, embedded processors for consumer, space and military market segments.


IP Customization—System Design—Consulting

Noesis Technologies offers expert ASIC, FPGA and DSP development resources to get your product in the market in time.

Our highly skilled engineering team has considerable expertise in modeling, design and efficient implementation of telecom systems based on complex DSP algorithms. A list of our services include the following offerings:

► Telecom systems design feasibility analysis and specifications development.

► System level modeling in Matlab or System C.

► Efficient FPGA implementation and system demo prototyping.

► Customization of our existing IP Cores portfolio in terms of performance, interfacing and functionality.

► IP core development.

► Consulting on communications systems implementation in hardware.

IP Cores

Forward Error Correction

ntRSE – Fully Configurable Reed Solomon Encoder

ntRSD – Fully Configurable Reed Solomon Decoder

ntVIT – Fully Configurable Viterbi Decoder

ntTPC – Configurable Turbo Product Code Codec

ntLDPCE – Fully Configurable Low Density Parity Check Encoder

ntLDPCD – Fully Configurable Low Density Parity Check Decoder

ntINT_DEINT –  Fully Configurable Interleaver—Deinterleaver

Voice & Data Compression

ntCMP – A/u Law Compressor ITU-T G711 compliant

ntEXP – A/u Law Expander ITU-T G711 compliant

ntADPCM – Multi Channel ADPCM Codec ITU-T G726 compliant

ntG729 Multi Channel CS-ACELP Codec ITU-T G729A compliant

ntCVSD – Continuously variable slope delta modulation

ntHUFF – Huffman algorithm compression engine


ntAES8 – AES Low Power Encryption/Decryption Engine

ntAES32 – AES High Speed Encryption/Decryption Engine

ntAES128 – AES Ultra High Speed Encryption/Decryption Engine

ntRC4 – RC4 Encryption/Decryption Engine

ntSHA256 – SHA 256-bit Hash Generator

Telecom DSP

ntFFT- Fully Configurable FFT/IFFT Radix-2 Processor

ntCH_EST – Programmable OFDM Channel Estimator

ntSOD – Configurable BPSK, QPSK, QAM Soft Output Demapper

ntSYNC – OFDM Synchronization Unit

ntAWGN – AWGN Channel Emulator
ntAWGN_HT – High Throughput AWGN Channel Emulator

Communication Protocols & Networking

ntE1_G704 – E1 Framer/Deframer ITU-T G704 compliant

ntT1_G704 – T1 Framer/Deframer ITU-T G704 compliant

ntE2_E3 – E2 & E3 Framer/Deframer ITU-T G742/G751 compliant

ntHDLC – High Level Data Link Controller

Baseband PHYs

ntOFDM_BBP- OFDM Baseband Processor