ON Semiconductor


ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON) is a world class IDM, driving energy efficient innovations, empowering customers to reduce global energy use. The Custom Foundry Services group offers a comprehensive portfolio of high performance mixed signal and high voltage (BCD and Bipolar) processes to external designers and fabless companies, targeting automotive, industrial, automotive, communications, computing, consumer, industrial, LED lighting, medical, military/aerospace and power supply applications.


Operating a responsive, reliable, world-class supply chain and quality program, and a network of manufacturing facilities, ON Semiconductor Custom Foundry PLUS(SM) Services also provide unrivaled pre- and post-tape out services, which include, ESD, latch-up and high temperature characterization, die stitching, planarized passivation, full turn-key from GDS-entry to qualified finished goods supply, AEC-Q100 qualifications, Radiation Hard and Rad Tolerant design features, Failure Analysis etc.



Custom Foundry Services

World’s Most Experienced Mixed-Signal Foundry

Customer service and satisfaction are paramount. Experienced program managers and development Customer Service Resources (CSR) drive your design through the engineering and prototype stages to ensure the best prototype cycle time in the industry. If you need an expedited turn time, your development CSR will develop a special program for you. Superior service continues in production. A knowledgeable factory-based production CSR and product marketing manager are available to quickly respond to your inquiries and service your immediate needs.


The MyON website enables customers to access our available intellectual property (IP) libraries, review and request legal agreements, monitor product activity, and view associated trend charts.


Global presence ensures accurate and responsive communications with factories in the USA (Pocatello, Idaho and Gresham, Oregon) and Europe (Oudenaarde, Belgium).


Our flexible full-service Custom Foundry business model offers our Foundry customers:


  • Access to our wide range of CMOS, BCD & High Voltage processes
  • Downloadable Design Kits, IP Support
  • Custom Process Installation & Modification
  • Short Loop Processing
  • Highest Stitched Wafer Yields in the Industry


And in addition to unparalleled wafer manufacturing, our FoundryPlusTM approach benefits our Foundry customers with world class backend services:


  • Backside metallization
  • Wafer thinning
  • Wafer sort
  • Packaging
  • Final test

Custom Foundry Mixed-Signal Platforms

Multi-Project Support

We are affiliated with two “multi-project houses” – MOSIS and Europractice. Both provide low-cost prototyping and small-volume production services for VLSI circuit development. Mask generation, wafer fabrication and device packaging can be contracted through MOSIS and Europractice to us.


MOSIS and Europractice keep the cost of fabricating prototype quantities low by aggregating multiple designs onto one mask set. This option provides yet another cost-effective tool for our customers. MOSIS and Europractice have certified us as a qualified foundry supplier. A variety of both foundry-specific and vendor-independent CAD tools, design kits and libraries may be used to prepare your design. Reticles with multi-chip designs are sent to us, processed on a routine schedule and the device’s function and performance results are provided to the customer.


Fab process performance is reviewed routinely by the multi-project houses. Special test chips are included on every reticle to monitor wafer fab performance.


This multi-project approach is a cost-effective and efficient technique for the new project developer and the low volume user. When project volumes increase, GDSII data can be forwarded to our foundries for a cost effective production run.

Foundry Process Longevity

ON Semiconductor’s philosophy for process longevity means we keep needed processes around to accommodate your long-term needs. We are committed to supporting long-life products and are dedicated to building long-term relationships. Supporting this is the company’s financial strength and commitment to effective use of resources. As a result, our customers have the confidence to make long-term product decisions without the concern of process obsolescence.


Flexible Manufacturing


  • Wide variety of standard CMOS, BCD and high voltage process offerings
  • Flexible manufacturing available (process modifications, lot splits, etc.)
  • Multiple fab strategy with dual sourcing possible
  • Specialty services such as advanced die stitching, shuttle services for prototyping in 0.25 μm and 0.18 μm technologies
  • Low volume strategic engagements
  • Partial fab processing, and assembly and test services


Our commitment to long-term technology support and a wide range of process offerings enable our customers to provide the highest quality end products at the most cost effective rate.