Optimizing Technologies


Optimizing Technologies is a Design Center that provides various digital design services, such as:


  • ASIC design and implementation
  • FPGA design (ASIC prototyping, FPGA-based accelerators, custom FPGA development)
  • IP selection and integration
  • SW development
  • Logistic for silicon manufacturing


We have a list of successful projects in various fields: microcontrollers, GPS receivers, telecommunications.
Our experienced team and modern infrastructure will help you to develop the most innovative products with technological nodes down to 7 nm.


ASIC Design Services

We are offering full ASIC implementation service for fabs and technologies.

FPGA Design Services

Our FPGA Design Services includes ASIC Prototyping, FPGA Emulation, FPGA to ASIC design conversion and custom FPGA design.

IP Cores


CPU cluster up to 4 cores with coherent L1/L2 cache and external coherent AXI port.

DDR4 Controller + PHY

DDR3/4 SDRAM Controller and PHY with data rates up to 3200Mbps (TSMC 28nm).