PacTech-Packaging Technologies GmbH, established 1995 and a group member of NAGASE & CO., LTD., manufactures equipment for the microelectronic & advanced packaging industry and offers wafer level bumping & packaging contract manufacturing out of Nauen, Germany (HQ), and through the 100% subsidiaries PacTech USA Inc., Silicon Valley, USA and PacTech ASIA Sdn., Bhd., Penang, Malaysia. Since Q3 2005 PacTech is able to support our equipment customers in Asia/Far East via an established service centre out of Bangkok, Thailand.

The wafer level packaging subcontractor services consist of wafer bumping with electroless Ni/Au or Ni/Pd Under Bump Metallization (UBM) for wafer level solder bumping for Flip Chip or WLCSP as well as Ni/Pd/Au for wire bonding. Additionally PacTech offers AOI, X-Ray inspection, BCB Repassivation, wafer-level redistribution, wafer thinning, laser backside marking, wafer dicing, chip singulation, tape & reel services.