PHIX Photonics Assembly

The Netherlands

PHIX aims to become world leader in the supply of photonic integrated circuit (PIC) based components and modules in scalable production volumes. We offer assembly and packaging services for the four major technology platforms (InP, Si, LiN and SiN) and are specialized in hybrid integration of chip-to-chip and fiber-to-chip modules. PHIX provides a one-stop-shop from design to volume production of PIC modules.


Our services and processes include:

  • Plug-and-play prototyping of PIC-enabled modules, optimized for production scale-up
  • Contract manufacturing for your photonics assembly and packaging process(es)
  • Optical fiber arrays available from stock
  • PIC polishing
  • Die bonding
  • Active alignment
  • Wire bonding


PIC Packaging and Assembly

PHIX offers photonic packaging solutions based on customer-specific needs. Our services range from providing single manufacturing steps to complete joint development with manufacturing scale-up.

Our processes include:

  • Polishing
  • Die bonding
  • Hybrid assembly
  • Active alignment
  • Wire bonding
  • Fiber array assembly
  • Testing

Photonics Contract Manufacturing

If you’d like to outsource your assembly process or you’re looking for a secondary supplier to your own manufacturing, we are your trusted partner and scale up with your growth. Our engineering team can validate what is required for a safe launch transfer and advise how our packaging foundry can work best for your product.


We’re happy to support you by performing dedicated steps of your production on our equipment. We offer services for die bonding, wire bonding, hybrid assembly, fiber attachment, testing, etc.

Fiber Arrays Available From Stock

We offer a broad range of high quality v–groove optical fiber arrays for photonic integrated circuit (PIC) connections. We have a dedicated and flexible fiber placement machine that was developed in collaboration with German based companies Aixemtec and Fraunhofer IPT.


We have many fiber arrays available from stock and can make custom configurations for you.


  • Wavelength ranging from UV to infrared
  • Polarization maintaining, horizontal or vertical
  • Multicore interfaces
  • 127 or 250 pitch
  • 1 up to 64 fibers, several fiber lengths
  • Optional spot size converter
  • Polishing angles for edge or surface coupling
  • FC, LC or MPO connector interface
  • UPC or APC connector polishing style

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Engineering Support for PIC-based Modules

If you need a partner for your PIC design and require feedback for your packaging, we’re there to support you. We support our customers from an early stage in the design process, starting at the chip design level. Our experts use their manufacturing knowledge to ensure that the entire product is developed with manufacturability as one of the key priorities.