Presto Engineering


Presto Engineering is a recognized expert in ASIC development and semiconductor services, helping innovative companies imagine and implement solutions for tomorrow in high-value markets such as medical, automotive, industrial, and communication.


With a full supply chain in place across Europe, North America and Asia, Presto has unique expertise in managing IC projects, from design to test and qualification to production. Since 2006, Presto has earned a reputation as the Trusted Partner that helps companies minimize overhead, reduce risk, and accelerate time-to-market.  For more information, visit:





ASIC Design

Our ASIC solutions offer mixed-signal, high precision, high voltage, and ultra-low power technologies primarily within IoT, intelligent tracking, and medical applications, used for digitization and integration of sensor-based ASICs. Additionally, our solutions include comprehensive packaging.


The Presto Engineering design team has developed more than 100 successful ASIC projects for systems and products worldwide. We utilize our extensive experience, IP database, and our global presence to be a trusted partner for our ASIC design customers. We make sure that you will cooperate with one very experienced partner for the whole project from design to quality assurance and delivery of volume parts. This involvement in all major steps guarantees you influence and control.


Our international teams have more than 35 years of ASIC design and production know-how. We apply this wealth of experience carefully throughout projects providing clients with a faster time-to-market of smaller, more robust, more profitable ASIC products.

Testing and Packaging


Our semiconductor testing facility is one of the largest in Europe, where we test digital, mixed signal, wafers and components.

We cooperate closely with our customers during the design stage to build cusomised test programs and ensure design for testability. Testing takes place in our class 6 clean room, which includes several automated testers, 8″ and 12″ wafer probers, pick and place component handlers, and gravity component handlers.

We have specific expertise in testing wireless communication components for both consumer and industrial applications. We test Bluetooth, WiFi, RFID, and other wireless frequency interfaces, including high-speed signals up to 40 GHz.

Or IC testing facility is ISO9001 and IS14001 certified.




We offer a broad range of standard and innovative, top-quality packaging services to meet the diverse requirements of customers, such as electrical performance, heat dissipation, cost, and aggressive time-to-market.

Our packaging team can provide expert guidance for package characterisation and selection, assist with package design logistics and documentation, perform failure analysis to identify packaging-related yield issues, and drive post-packaging, final product qualification testing.

Qualification and Failure Analysis


Presto Engineering offers comprehensive qualification services including:

  • Electrical tests, e.g. ESD and latch-up
  • EMC tests
  • Mechanical tests
  • Environmental tests
  • Combined mechanical and environmental tests
  • Preconditioning (e.g. JESD22-A113)
  • Workmanship evaluation covering  External visual inspection | Physical dimensions | X-ray | Inspection Seal testing (for hermetic components) | Solderability test | Resistance to soldering heat | Marking permanency | Lead  integrity

Failure Analysis

We operate our in-house microelectronics failure analysis lab where we use specialized equipment and processes –  from mechanical access techniques to X-ray and scanning electron microscope examination – to identify the root cause of failures.


  • Microsectioning
  • Real time X-ray
  • Hot spot analysis
  • Solderability tests
  • Sub-micron probing
  • Chemical and plasma etching
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • Scanning acoustic microscopy
  • Energy dispersive ana­lysis of X-ray
  • Gross and fine leak hermeticity testing
  • Bright/dark field, differential interference, light sectioning, and stereo microscopy
  • Environmental testing (tempe­rature, shock, humidity, corrosion, vibration)

Supply Chain Management

We provide full turnkey ASIC manufacturing services for fabless IC vendors and system companies, taking products from prototype to mass production using the most predictable, low-risk path and the fastest time-to-market.

Our flexible supply chain service adapts to each customer’s unique needs and volumes and consists of wafer procurement and probing, packaging, IC testing, storage and distribution of ICs.

For more information, see here.

Front-end Tape-out, Mask and Wafer Procurement


As a GLOBALFOUNDRIES channel partner for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), we provide access to all GLOBALFOUNDRIES portfolio of semiconductor technologies together with a range of value added productization services.


Our services are ideal for companies requiring MPW runs or lower-mid production volumes, who can benefit from flexible 22/40/65/130nm mixed technology options. We offer:


  • PDK and library licenses
  • Design support
  • Wafer & mask set procurement

IP Cores

RFID analog front-end

We offer a contact-less RFID transceiver front-end for general-purpose applications in the 13.56MHz range ISO/IEC 14443 and ISO/IEC15693.


  • Low power low voltage operation
  • Contact-less power supply (on-chip full wave rectifier)
  • Radio frequency 13.56MHz inductive coupling
  • Supports: Type A ASK 100% Miller, Type B ASK 10% NZR-L,etc.
  • Edge sensitive demodulator with programmable threshold
  • Carrier detector
  • High power and soft load modulator for ‘back-scatter’ transmission