Productivity Engineering


ASIC design and production is a matter of trust. For almost 20 years, we have been a trusted partner to our customers in industrial automation, medical technology and the manufacturing of measuring devices and we are synonymous with comprehensive know-how, high quality and maximum flexibility.


Together we will find the optimal ASIC solution for your business. We will give advice on design and production issues. We are as efficient when dealing with small production batches as we are with large orders. A great emphasis is put on the quality of our analog and Mixed-Signal ASICS and this is shown in our ISO certification.


ASIC Design

Every one of our design projects is as individual as your business and your product. We strive for regular communication – from early development stage to ready prototypes. This is the only way to make sure that parameters such as functionality, efficiency, electricity consumption and chip size can be achieved in the best possible way.


Based on our experience, customer motivation for ASIC development is as diverse as the options for realisation. As well as cost reduction, space or weight saving and energy saving, the use of own IPs and increased protection against plagiarism plays an increasingly important role in the industry. A further bonus of customer-specific circuits is long-lasting deliverability.


As well as efficient design, our focus is on requirements and production quantities, therefore leading to an adequate development budget. This is achieved in several ways, such as the large amount of IP blocks that we can directly use. The result is that we have shorter development phases and a higher success rate.


Our comprehensive range of services for your new developments:


  • Feasibility analysis and estimate of development costs
  • Advice on packaging selection and production planning
  • Specification drafting, design and layout
  • Prototype production
  • Prototype initialisation and verification in our laboratory
  • Production transfer preparation (test specification and creation of production data)
  • Batch production

ASIC Production

We have been taking over the manufacturing of specific circuits for our customers for many years. Our holistic model of ensuring the cost-efficient production of long-lasting semiconductors according to different quantity requirements has proved itself in practice. High rates of on-time delivery and exceptional quality when supplying components are our strengths.


Productivity Engineering GmbH (PE) is committed to sustainability and responsibility in its entrepreneurial decisions. In addition to ethical obligations to which PE is dedicated the conformity to regulations and obligations of material usage in the production of integrated circuits is of great importance to us.


We will support you in all phases of the product life cycle with any service you require: starting with choosing the package to batch production, yield analysis and fault analysis if needed and the subsequent preparation of improvement measures on the part of the supplier or in design.

Through longstanding collaboration with established, global and ISO-certified suppliers, we can offer you a comprehensive packaging range and even customer-specific variations.


Our flexible service model within the supply chain gives you the choice to opt only for individual production steps such as packaging or IC testing. We have no problems incorporating your qualified suppliers into our supply chain. If required, we can arrange production according to single orders or within the framework of a general supply contract, including warehousing.

ASIC Production Management

Wafer Production – Supply Chain Management


Our supply chain management coordinates and oversees the complete workflow from wafer production up until the distribution of the finished product with all necessary test analyses. You will benefit from both the prototyping and batch production and at any time you will have just one point of contact. The supply chain covers all necessary processes in the manufacturing of a component. All the necessary tests (wafer and final test) are part of the supply chain.

Obsolescence Management

Proactively dealing with the discontinuation of a product significantly minimises problems. We offer our customers effective obsolescence management. Our strategies are proved in practice and cover the whole supply chain from the supplier to the customer. As well as the option of technology migration, an integral part of the strategy is the timed control for an optional last-time buy, with which the supply guarantee of the products in question is increased.


Packaging and Assembly

Through close collaboration with ISO certified, global manufacturers of semiconductor packages, we are able to supply our customers with products of the highest quality. Our focus is on your specific requirements concerning different areas of application. As well as standard packages such as SOIC, TSSOP, QFP and QFN, in our comprehensive range you can also find CSP, BGAs, PLCCs or DIL. For more challenging environments we can also supply ceramic variations of some components. We also offer the option of developing a package which is tailor-made to your needs.


As well as solely made-to-order production and immediate delivery afterwards, we can also take over the stocking and supply in a storage facility. With your prior agreement, this facility will be set up on the premises of Productivity Engineering GmbH or a subsidiary of your choice. Delivery can then be carried out on demand or triggered by a minimum stock level.

Replacement of Obsolete Components

The short life cycles of electronic standard elements are normal these days. Are you a manufacturer of long-lasting systems for medicine, industry, automation or traffic and transport? If so, then you know the problem: How can you accomplish product life cycles of twenty years or more?


We have the solution for you: If a standard element is discontinued, we can test the functionality of the component and carry out the reproduction of simple parts. In doing so, your products will stay on the market and your investments will be secure for a long time. You can profit from our expert knowledge in product migration towards modern semiconductor technologies. This is how you can fulfil delivery obligations – under affordable conditions!