QP Technologies


QP Technologies (formerly Quik-Pak), a division of Promex Industries, is a leading provider of microelectronic packaging, assembly, wafer preparation, and substrate design and development services. At our state-of-the-art facility in Escondido, Calif., we leverage proven technologies to get your products to market quickly and in high volumes. We can provide virtually any package you need for prototype and commercial devices, including our Open-molded Plastic Packages (OmPP)® and Open-cavity Plastic Packages (OCPP), as well as ceramic and plastic IC packages. Through our substrate development business, we design turnkey, custom packaging solutions to meet your unique packaging requirements. Our IC assembly services range from wafer preparation (backgrinding, dicing, die sort and inspection) to flip chip die bonding, wire bonding, encapsulation, IC package marking/branding, and BGA sphere attach. Our advanced assembly services can accommodate chiplets, flip-chip, stacked die, SiP, MCM, CoB and other complex packaging structures.


IC Packaging

QP Technologies can provide virtually any IC package you need for your prototype devices. This includes our Open-molded Plastic Packages (OmPP)®, Open Cavity Plastic Packages (OCPP)®, ceramic IC packages, laminate substrates, and custom IC package configurations.


Our OCPP technology is the ideal platform for creating new IC prototypes that are mechanically and electrically identical to your future transfer molded production parts. We can convert any existing IC plastic packages, whether dummies, electrical test rejects or excess inventory, into open cavity packages, ready to be assembled with your new die. The full range of available package types can be found here.


Our exclusive OmPP is a pre-molded, air cavity quad flat no-lead (QFN) package designed to provide a high-quality, fast solution for your IC packaging and IC assembly needs. These custom packages are offered in a broad assortment of sizes from 3x3mm to 12x12mm with a variety of pitch options. They are manufactured using a RoHS and REACH compliant “green” molding compound. More information and OmPP QFN drawings are available here.

IC Assembly

QP Technologies performs IC assembly for a variety of package types and materials, using proven quality manufacturing processes to meet your project requirements. We process orders from a single part to thousands, and we can easily accommodate multiple variations within a single build. We continually make capital investments to ensure we can assemble your valuable devices using the latest equipment and techniques.


Our complete IC assembly services span from wafer preparation with wafer thinning and dicing, to flip chip die bonding, wire bonding, encapsulation, IC package marking/branding, and BGA sphere attach, and we can supply you with IC packages.


Our standard turn time for prototype assembly services is as quick as three business days. However, we can expedite this timeframe to meet the dictates of your timeline, delivering your project in 1-2 days or even as little as 8 hours, if needed.


Additional IC assembly services we provide include:

Advanced Assembly

Through our advanced assembly services, QP Technologies can accommodate a range of complex packaging structures. Examples include chiplets, flip-chip, stacked die, system-in-package (SiP), multichip module (MCM) and chip-on-board (CoB), to name a few. Specifics regarding these options can be found here.

Substrate Design & Development

QP Technologies’ substrate design, fabrication and assembly service was created to fill the gaps not met by standard, off-the-shelf packages. We collaborate with you to build packaging solutions to your specifications. Using virtually any substrate type, we create turnkey solutions for substrate-based assemblies to meet your unique packaging requirements, with delivery times at least 50 percent faster than those of competitive services. We target both ICs and MEMS, and our ability to accommodate all types of substrates provides engineering flexibility that allows greater design freedom for a wide range of advanced packages.


We can tune our process to optimize your desired parameter – size, performance, application – and create a solution in about five weeks, from initial consultation to finished assembly. Our service can also accommodate your needs for 3D packaging, ball grid arrays (BGAs), systems-in-package (SiPs), chiplets and multichip modules (MCMs). With this combination of quality, variety and speed, we continue broadening the reach of our service to address a range of markets, including military, medical, sensors and other custom arenas.


For more details, click here.

Wafer Preparation

QP Technologies delivers complete wafer preparation services for wafers up to 300mm. Wafer preparation services are offered as part of your turnkey packaging and assembly project, or as stand-alone services based on your individual needs.


With our advanced wafer processing equipment, QP Technologies offers expert backgrinding services for wafer-level packaging or other packaging requiring thin and ultra-thin (<100 um) die. We can take your wafers and backgrind to expose heat sinks, anodes, cathodes and other I/O on the bottoms (or tops) of your chip-scale packages.


In addition, we offer wafer dicing and pick-and-place services. Our precision wafer-dicing capabilities extend to difficult-to-dice materials such as silicon carbide (SiC) – a material vital for power devices used in such high-power applications as electric vehicles and data centers. We also routinely process sensors, LEDs and MEMS devices.