Based in Dresden (Germany), Racyics is an independent ASIC and SoC design service provider. With its experienced team, Racyics delivers professional analog, digital and mixed signal design services, and turnkey solutions tailored to the customers’ needs.


As GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ channel partner Racyics is focused on advanced technologies such as 22FDX (22nm FDSOI) and 14LPP (14nm FinFET).


Design Services

Racyics offers execution of all major tasks of your advanced node ASIC or SoC project:


  • Analog, mixed-signal and digital design and verification
  • Multi-million gate logic synthesis and place&route
  • EMIR analysis (static and dynamic)
  • DFT & ATPG
  • Low power optimization
  • Timing sign-off
  • Physical sign-off
  • Package co-design
  • and more …

Foundry Access

As GLOBALFOUNDRIES channel partner for EMEA Racyics offers access to MPWs, production mask sets and wafers for all GLOBALFOUNDRIES technologies.


Racyics also offers small area MPW contributions (< 9mm²) to advanced nodes like 22FDX (22nm FDSOI) for cost efficient prototyping.

Custom IP

The experienced Racyics’ mixed-signal design team develops custom digital, analog and mixed-signal components which seamlessly integrate into SoC designs and can be optimized for key requirements, as for example ultra-low power operation.

Turnkey Solution

Racyics offers complete turnkey solutions including ASIC/SoC design, implementation and supply change management (wafer, assembly and test).

makeChip Hosted Design Service Platform

makeChip is the innovative Hosted Design Service Platform (HDSP) developed by Racyics. Targeted for start-ups, SMEs, research institutes and universities, makeChip is a central gateway to design integrated circuits based on advanced semiconductor technologies.


The platform provides IT infrastructure with a full set of EDA tool installations and technology data setup, i.e. PDKs, foundation IP, complex IP. All tools and design data are linked by Racyics’ silicon proven design flow and project management system. The turnkey environment enables any makeChip customer to realize complex System on Chips in the most advanced technology nodes. Racyics supports makeChip customers by on-demand design services, such as digital layout generation, tape-out sign-off execution and many more.

IP Cores

0.4V Standard Cell Library for 22FDX (22nm FDSOI)

Racyics offers a silicon validated 9t CNRX high density standard cell library for GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ 22FDX, prepared for 0.4V operation and adaptive body biasing.

Adaptive Body Bias Solution for 22FDX (22nm FDSOI)

Body Biasing is a disruptive 22FDX technology feature. It is key enabler to realize 0.4V products which need to operate in a wide temperature range form (-40 … 125°C) while maintaining reliability and yield.


Based on its 0.4V standard cell library Racyics developed a comprehensive adaptive body bias solution for 22FDX. It includes:


  • On-die body bias generator
  • Hardware performance monitor components
  • Controller logic for closed loop regulation
  • SoC integration, implementation and sign-off methodology
  • Production test methodology