Radio Analog Micro Electronics


Radio Analog Micro Electronics srl has been founded in 2014 offering custom analog/RF and mixed-signal integrated circuit design services in CMOS, BiCMOS and SiGE technologies.  We developed proprietary technology for ultra low power and low phase noise VCOs/PLLs and for digital based DC-DC switching converters verified in silicon. Our IPs aim to represent the state of the art, especially in terms of energy efficiency and reliability for the forthcoming internet of things (IoT) and wireless sensor network (WSN) applications. We also offer Layout Implementation and Physical Verification services for technologies down to 22nm nodes.


Design Service

We provide layout design and synthesis of analog, mixed-signals and RF as well as digital circuits down to 22nm technology nodes. We provide also Full Chip Floor Planning.and feasibility study once specifications from customer are available.

Layout Implementation and Verification Service

We provide layout implementation of analog, mixed-signals and RF as well as digital circuits down to 22nm technology nodes. We provide also physical verification for the delivery of the final GDSII.

Pre-Silicon Validation Service

We provide pre-silicon validation service, comparing post-extraction simulation campaign with the nominal simulation case in order to validate the effectiveness of physical implementation. For digital circuits we provide also route fixing with noise snalysis, clock tree management, clock gating, balancing, skew reduction and timing closure with noise fixing.

ASIC Testing Service

We provide post-silicon validation service:

  • design and prototype evaluation boards for your ASIC platform;
  • testing service in our laboratory for power management ICs, mixed-signal ICs and RF/MW testing for ICs working up to 30GHz.

IP Cores

Low-Power Low-PhaseNoise VCO 1.5-1.9 GHz

We developed this VCO in TSMC 65nm MS/RF technology  (patented architecture). Main characteristics of VCO are:

  • 5-12mA current consumption from 2.5V power supply;
  • 2 bands (1.54-1.68GHz and 1.78-1.92GHz) with 8 sub-bands;
  • 3 MHz/V analog tuning;
  • PN@1KHz offset -75dBc, PN@10KHz offset -103dBc, PN@100KHz offset -130dBc and PN@10MHz offset <-165dBc