Riverbeck provides turnkey ASIC design and supply solutions, to provide custom integrated circuits where needs or cost demands them.

Our competence spans the complete range of analog/mixed-signal and digital ASICs, but we particularly serve the RF wireless sector where most ASIC suppliers lack the appropriate expertise.


ASIC Design

We have the breadth of experience across the complete range of analog and mixed-signal circuits that spans many application scenarios: low-power, high-voltage, signal conditioning, and DSP as well as RF and wired communications.

And this is across automotive, consumer, industrial and telecoms sectors. But Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits are so much more than the sum of their component circuits.



In demanding applications such as RF, it is even more important to sort out how the IC and the rest of the system fit together.

We have the experience to work with you from before the IC requirements definition stage  through to mass production, yield optimization and end of life.

Turnkey Services

We offer the following services:


  • Feasibility
  • Requirements specification
  • Risk assessment
  • Design architecture
  • Design specification
  • Project planning
  • Verification specifications
  • Documentation
  • Silicon evaluation
  • Manufacturing test
  • Safety and compliance support
  • Production supply chain