Rochester Electronics


For over 40 years Rochester, in partnership with over 70 leading semiconductor manufacturers, has provided our valued customers with a continuous source of critical semiconductors.

At our state-of-the-art facility in Newburyport, MA, Rochester Electronics offers extensive manufacturing services, from individual solutions to complete turnkey manufacturing. 


Our manufacturing solutions prioritize the needs of our customers and encompass a comprehensive range of services, such as long-term wafer storage, wafer testing, die processing, design, package assembly, electrical testing of final goods, failure analysis, and reliability testing support to ensure the highest quality standards.


Our facilities hold numerous Quality certifications, including Military MIL-PRF-38535 and Automotive ITAF-16949, ensuring compliance with the rigorous standards required for military and automotive applications.


Wafer Storage & Processing

Rochester’s next-generation wafer storage capabilities include ISO-7/10K certified, nitrogen- controlled environment, secure room and individual cabinets, Stainless steel dry boxes incorporating microprocessor humidity control.

Our wafer processing capabilities include Back-side Grind (BSG), dicing, automated dice inspection, and sorting using state-of-the-art equipment in our Newburyport, MA facilities.

Assembly Services

We provide a full range of including Quick Turn IC package assembly, Hermetic assembly, Plastic assembly, component lead finishing, package, substrate, and leadframe replication with a variety of lead finishes including Sn, SnPb, and RoHS.

Plastic Assembly:

  • Wide range of package options including PDIPs, QFPs, QFNs, PLCCs, and BGAs.
  • Wire Bond: gold and copper
  • Commercial, military,
    and automotive flows
  • Qualification services available


Hermetic Assembly:

  • Die Attach: Eutectic,
    Silver Glass, and Epoxy
  • Sealing: Frit, Solder Seal and Metal Can
  • DLA, Space level, and Automotive-certified.
  • Registered for ITAR

Electrical Test Services

We provide a range of high-quality test services including Analog, Digital, Mixed Signal, Memory, and Power, with a range of legacy platforms through to advanced test solutions.

  • Wafer die testing/finished goods testing
  • Product burn-in
  • Product up-screening and re-certification: military, industrial, and automotive

Analytical Services

Rochester has significant expertise in which enables our customers to accelerate potential failure mechanisms, help identify root cause, and take actions to prevent failure mode.


  • Materials analysis includes physical analysis, chemical analysis, materials characterization, contaminant identification, metallurgical analysis, and surface analysis.
  • Utilizing techniques such as optical & SEM microscopy, EDS elemental analysis, X-ray, SAM, cross sectioning, package de-capsulation, die de-processing, build verification, DPA and construction analysis.
  • We also provide IGA (Internal Gas Analysis) testing as a service

Reliability Testing

Rochester’s reliability lab is certified by the Defense Logistics Agency to provide Group A, B, C, and D testing to military standards, including space level. We also offer testing to commercial and automotive standards, such as JEDEC and AEC. All reliability testing can be performed as a service for Rochester manufactured devices or stock OCM devices. Our solderability test capabilities span all packages and standards, with both “dip and look” and “surface mount simulation” tests offered.

  • Test to MIL microcircuit specification MIL- PRF-38535
  • Test to MIL hybrid specification MIL- PRF-38534
  • Test to commercial & automotive microcircuits specifications JESD47 & AEC-Q100
  • Environment & mechanical
    device testing:
  • Temp cycle / thermal shock,
    high temp storage
  • Mechanical shock
  • Constant acceleration
  • Fine & gross leak testing
  • Bond strength – bond pull /ball shear / die shear
  • X-ray, solderability, lead integrity