RoodMicrotec offers know-how from wafer level supply and probe test, known good die (KGD), tested packaged components and complete electronic and optoelectronic systems.

Services and expertise include:

• Supply Chain Services from sourcing wafers to final tested product and worldwide product shipment

Test – test program generation from customer specification, component test, test engineering and supply chain services for ASICs and Opto ASSPs

Programming – for programmable logic, e.g. Flash, OTP’s, Eproms, μController with embedded flash

Qualification according to international standards or customer specific requirements. Full support for AEC-Q100, ESCC9020 and MIL-STD-883

Failure Analysis – functional, electrical and physical examinations and analysis, to offer solutions to difficult and sometimes random faults including FIB where required.

Technical consultancy – independent expert reports and case studies; MTBF calculation, calculation of FIT rates, WEIBULL, component engineering

ESD – assessment, training and on-site customer ESD problem solving

Automotive Competence Centre – assistance to help customers succeed in the Automotive sector.


Supply Chain Management Services – Turnkey Solutions

RoodMicrotec offers a one-stop shop for semiconductor manufacturing, from wafer procurement to shipment of tested finished products.

As well as our test engineering, qualification and failure analysis services, our services include:


Wafer sourcing

Wafer probe (up to 12”) inking and/or wafermap

Wafer grinding and dicing


Burn-in, qualification, reliability

Final test

Shipment in tray, tube or tape & reel

Work in Progress monitoring, tracking and reporting

Inventory Management

Logistics Support

Customs clearance/assistance


RoodMicrotec endeavors to support its customers through the complete “concept to final tested parts” process. Our highly experienced experts are available at all times through the process to ensure a smooth and successful project.

Engineering services, test program development

We develop test software for optimal and efficient test of semiconductor wafers and packaged devices. We also offer support for for optoelectronic semiconductors such as image sensors, photo diodes, Opto-ASICs.


Customers benefit from engineering support from qualification to volume production:

  • development of test concepts
  • development of test software and hardware
  • characterization
  • test program conversion
  • modification and optimisation of test solutions, e.g. test time reduction

electrical test for qualification and failure analysis

Qualification & Reliability investigations

Product Qualification and Environmental Tests


product qualification = advanced long-time reliability = minimization of failure costs


We perform customer specific qualifications and according to standards such as AEC-Q100/101/200, ESCC 9020/9010, MIL-STD 883/202, JEDEC 020, TELCORDIA GR 468/1221/326/1312, IEC 60 068-2-XX and DIN.

  • definition of test concept and qualification plans
  • life-test, burn-in and run-in
  • HAST (highly accellerated stress test) and pressure cooker
  • environmental test, ESD test
  • (opto)electrical characterization
  • physical layout analysis
  • solderability tests and solder profile qualification
  • RoHS-compliance, e.g. definition and check of moisture sensitivity level (MSL)

Environmental Simulation and Accelerated Aging

climatic tests:

  • -70 °C up to +300 °C and between 10% and 98% relative humidity (constant/ cyclic/ shock)
  • pressure cooker and HAST

mechanical tests:

  • shock, vibration (sinus/ random) and bump

Optomechanical qualifications

Electronical measurements, qualification and failure analysis


Expert knowledge for different optoelectronic devices such as LEDs, laser diodes, image sensors, fibre optic devices and entire optical systems.

Optoelectronic services include:

  • selection of LEDs respective definition of chromaticity coordinate:
    parameter such as XY-coordinate, dominant and peak wavelength, spectral curve
  • life test an burn-in of LEDs and laser diodes with online-measurement
  • check of heat allocation and heat dissipation
  • radiation characteristics (check of data sheet)
  • eye safety measurement for LEDs/ classification
  • risk assessment of new technologies

Failure Analysis on LEDs:

  • visual inspection to detect mechanical faults, corrosion or contamination
  • measuring of various optoelectric and electric parameters such as spectrum, radiant characteristics, leakage current, thermal resistance
  • SAM (scanning acoustic microscopy), X-ray and X-sectioning to detect cracks and delaminations/check of solder joints and bond connections
  • special preparation and failure analysis on chip level (crystal structure)

Approval and analyses for various applications such as aerospace, general lighting, industry electronics, medical equipment and automotive.

Failure & Technological analysis

Failure and Technology Analysis


Failure analyses in order to clarify the failure cause as soon as possible.
From single device to the whole system – and from highly complex IC up to printed circuit board (PCB), mounting & interconnection technology and printed board assembly (PBA).


Electrical and Functional Failure Analysis

  • functional check on devices, printed board assemblies (PBAs), modules and systems
  • verification of functionality
  • circuit analysis
  • failure simulation and reproduction
  • optoelectronic and vehicle specific measurements


Physical Failure Analysis

  • Focused Ion Beam (FIB)
  • X-ray and scanning acoustic microscopy
  • light optical and scanning electron microscopy
  • chemical and mechanical decapsulation
  • failure localisation with emission microscopy and liquid crystal thermography
  • reverse processing (wet and dry etching)
  • metallographic cross-sectioning
  • mounting- and material analysis
  • solder joint assessment

risk analysis and recommendation of corrective actions

Device testing, device programming, end-of-line services

Semiconductor Test


Testng regarding function, electrical and optoelectronic parameters


Electrical test of wafer up to 12“ and packaged devices – selection and volume test

  • functional test in 3 temperature ranges with test systems of Advantest (93k), Credence, Teradyne, Verigy
  • high flexibility for various package types
  • clean room conditions up to class 1000


Device Programming

  • For programmable logic, e.g. Flash, OTP´s, Eproms, µController with embedded flash
  • Variety of packages

Full automation programming facilitates laser marking and reeling in one work step.


End-of-Line Service

  • scanning and straightening of electronic devices
  • tape & reel, dry-pack (moisture barrier bag)

shipment to end customer worldwide