ShortLink is a center of excellence with a focus on developing energy efficient electronics for wireless communication and portable products. With +25 years of experience, we help our customers to develop the optimum solutions for each task. We are specialized in ASIC Design, RF Mixed Signal, Antennas and we also have a broad portfolio of IP building blocks.


ASIC Design

Our main focus:


  • Low power mixed signal ASIC
  • Low power RF ASIC
  • Mixed, digital and RF ASIC


The use of customized ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) makes it possible to achieve unique performance, such as extremely low power consumption and miniaturization. Low production costs and good protection against illegal copying are other in-demand advantages.


In addition to RF ASIC, we are also skilled at designing ASICs for applications where extremely long battery life is required. These are often circuits with demanding analog functions together with micro-controllers on a single circuit – known as “System on Chip”.


Over the years we have gained extensive experience with design solutions that outperform standard components in a given application; often these are also extremely compact designs.


With extensive experience and unique, holistic expertise in wireless communication, we can help you take the lead in your field, regardless of your product area.

We offer holistic knowledge within radio:


  • Antenna development
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Radio protocols
  • EMC and radio testing


We have a solid, comprehensive expertise covering everything from the initial stage of development, through design and testing, to a product ready for market launch. Unique know-how that is available to you for many kinds of development projects.

Turnkey (Supply Chain Services)

ShortLink provide full turnkey ASIC manufacturing services, taking products from prototype to mass production using the most suitable technologies available.


We have a flexible supply chain service that adapts to each customer’s unique needs and volumes. Our service include all necessary steps from wafer procurement, probing, packaging, IC testing, storage and distribution of ICs.

Hardware Design

With more than 25 years’ experience of advanced electronics development and performance optimization, we can offer a complete service for the design of portable low power and wireless communication – both with discrete components and standard IC circuits at board level or completely integrated silicon solutions in the form of ASICs (i.e. non-standard tailor-made IC circuits).


By managing our projects from the initial concept to finished product, we can deliver time-efficient high-performance solutions.


For example:


  • The design of RF circuits with optimum performance for your product, often including small specially designed built-in antennas.
  • Compact board solutions with foldable, flexible circuit boards containing complex embedded systems.
  • ASIC solutions with unique functionality and performance combined with a very low production cost – for high volumes these can give your products unique customer benefits, a market-leading position and increased profits


When size is important and performance has to be excellent, our antenna team springs into action. Having been involved in developing antennas for brands such as Apple, Nokia and Ericsson, we have extensive knowledge and expertise.


One of the major challenges today is wireless communications for the Internet of Things. Portable, often very small, devices demand micro antennas that still provide superior performance and stability. Together with our Test Center, we can offer a unique holistic process for antennas – from design to verification and measurement.

IP Cores


Transceiver 2.4G

Transceiver 868/915M

Receiver 868/915M

Transmitter 868/915M (PLL based)

Transceiver 433M

Receiver 433M

Transmitter 433M (PLL based)

PLL fractional-N

RF Front-End (LNA & Mixer)


ADC, Sigma Delta

Microphone Input (Audio Amplifier and ADC)

Audio DAC, Sigma Delta

Speaker Driver, Class A/B

Bandgap reference

Voltage regulator

Crystal Oscillator


DC/DC Buck Converter





PCM/I2S interface

Audio Signal Processing (Noise reduction, Equalizer, AGC and Beam-former)