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Silicon Craft Technology (SIC) is a world’s leader and provider of Innovative RFID and NFC IC Solutions. SIC offers novel, custom, and standard design microchips for RFID applications and delivers products that carry high value-added features and superior overall systems performance. The products’ quality is endorsed by years of lasting partnerships.


By focusing on the development, design and certification of microchip properties through the Application Specification Integrated Circuit (ASIC) and the specific innovations development, SIC products are further developed in value-added shapes (form factor), tags, and smart labels to be used in all RFID, NFC, and LF applications.


SIC provides the standard and ASIC design microchips which covers a wide range of RFID applications for leveraging the businesses including animal identification, access control, reader, automotive, healthcare and industrial applications.


SIC products are found in leading tags and readers brands.


Animal ID

The IC for the animal identification tag is a low-frequency transponder that can work without a battery by following the ISO11784, ISO11875, and ICAR (The International Committee of Animal Recording) standards.

The communication range between reader and tag of our product is longer than our competitors by 10%.


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The IC for immobilizer is an ASIC product based on customers’ requirements. With customers in premium aftermarket in Europe and the USA.

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Access Control

The IC for the access control reader is a high-frequency transponder that covers multi-standard and has unique functions in energy management to reduce cost and extend the lifetime. It can be used in a wide range of applications besides access control.

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The IC for NFC is a high-frequency transponder that SIC designed to be used in various applications, solutions, and industries e.g. smart label, smart packaging and sensors.

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Customized ASIC and System Design Services

IP Iicensing