SkyeChip is a Malaysia-based design company founded by a group of world class IC designers with an average experience of more than 15 years in renowned MNCs and equipped with in-depth and complete technical expertise to develop advanced IP and ASIC products, encompassing architecture, micro-architecture, logic design, circuit design, DFT, physical design, layout, test and product engineering. In addition, the SkyeChip team also has extensive experience in project management, new product introduction, and management of global supply chain for volume production.


SkyeChip also offers the following advanced IPs for licensing:

  • Memory controller & PHY IPs (HBM3, DDR5/4)
  • Interconnect IPs (coherent/non-coherent NOC, 2.5D/3D die-to-die interconnects)
  • Analog IPs (high speed PLL, bandgap)
  • I/Os (MIPI D-PHY, configurable I/Os)
  • RISC-V processor IP cores


SkyeChip portfolio specialization:

  • Solutions from 180nm down to 6/7nm encompassing both digital and analog/custom design
  • Validation and characterization
  • Production IC fabrication with TSMC and GlobalFoundries