Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (“SMIC”)  is one of the leading semiconductor foundries in the world and the largest and most advanced foundry in mainland China, providing integrated circuit (IC) foundry and technology services at 0.35-micron to 40-nanometer. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, SMIC has a 300mm wafer fabrication facility (fab) and a 200mm mega-fab in Shanghai, a 300mm mega-fab in Beijing, a 200mm fab in Tianjin, and a 200mm fab project under development in Shenzhen. SMIC also has customer service and marketing offices in the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Taiwan, and a representative office in Hong Kong. In addition, SMIC manages and operates a 300mm wafer fab in Wuhan owned by Wuhan Xinxin Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation.


Advanced Logic - 40nm, 65/55nm

SMIC is the first foundry in mainland China to offer 40nm technology. SMIC offers its 40nm Low Leakage (LL) process with 1.1V core devices of three threshold voltage levels as well as 1.8V, 2.5V and 3.3V I/O options to meet various design application requirements. The 40nm logic process combines the most advanced immersion lithography, strain engineering technique, ultra shallow junction and ultra low-k dielectric for power and performance optimization. The 40nm process technology enables high performance and low power consumption for applications such as baseband processors, application processors, high definition video processors and other consumer and communication equipments.

The 65nm/55nm logic technology combines improved performance and reduced power consumption with increased design possibilities and cost efficiencies. The 65nm/55nm logic process standard offerings include both Low Leakage (LL) and Generic Purpose (G) platforms. Both LL and G processes offer three threshold voltage core devices and 1.8V, 2.5V I/O options to provide a flexible design platform. Design rules, specifications, and a SPICE model are available for 65nm/55nm. Critical IP is ready for 65nm LL and is currently under development for 55nm.

Mature Logic - 90nm, 0.13um/0.11um

SMIC has multiple 90nm products in mass production at our 300mm facilities. With in-depth experience in process development, SMIC has made 90nm a vital technology node available to our customers worldwide. Our 90nm process technology uses copper interconnect, low-k material to produce high-performance devices. SMIC’s 90nm production at our state-of-the-art 300mm facilities ensures cost optimization, providing our customers with additional resources for further technology enhancements. This 90nm technology fulfills the ever-stringent requirements of power, performance, and integration for applications such as wireless handsets, digital TVs, set-top-boxes, mobile TVs, PMPs, wireless LANs and PC chipsets. Furthermore, this technology can be customized to accommodate various design requirements including high speed, low power, mixed signal, RF, and to provide embedded/SOI solutions.

Compared to the same device on SMIC’s 0.15μm technology, our 0.13μm technology enables a substantial die size reduction of more than 25% and performance enhancement by as much as 30%. The die size can be reduced by more than 50% and chip performance increased by more than 50% when compared to our 0.18μm technology.

SMIC’s 0.13μm process technology uses an all-copper interconnect approach to drive high-performance devices while enabling cost optimization. Using eight metal layers with a poly gate length of down to 0.08μm, our 0.13μm technology offers generic devices with a core voltage of 1.2V and I/Os with supply voltage of 2.5V or 3.3V options. Low-voltage and low-leakage options are in mass production.

Mature Technology 0.18μm, 0.35μm

Optimized for speed, power, density and cost, SMIC’s 0.18μm process technology has been proven for a broad range of consumer, communications and computing applications. It also offers customers flexible solutions with modules for embedded memory, mixed signal or RF CMOS.

Using a single poly, six-metal-layer process, this technology features multiple voltages of 1.8V, 3.3V and 5V, and a high gate density of over 100,000 gates per mm2.

SMIC provides cost-effective and proven solutions at the 0.18μm node for smart cards, consumer electronics and various other applications. Our 0.18μm process technology family includes logic, mixed signal/RF, high-voltage, EEPROM and OTP technologies. These are supported by an extensive range of libraries and IP.

SMIC’s 0.25μm technology enables high-performance, low-power integrated circuits (ICs) for high-performance graphics, microprocessors, communications and computer data processing applications. Logic as well as mixed signal/RF CMOS (for 3.3V and 5V applications) are offered.

SMIC provides cost-effective and proven solutions at the 0.35μm node for smart cards and consumer electronics and various other applications. Our 0.35μm process technology family includes logic, mixed signal/RF, high-voltage, EEPROM and OTP technologies. These are supported by an extensive range of libraries and IP.

Non-Volatile Memory

SMIC delivers cost-competitive embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) technologies with proven manufacturing capability.

SMIC offers a broad range of embedded NVM technologies with a comprehensive IP portfolio to support smart card, MCU and SoC applications. This embedded NVM IP provides outstanding program and erase performance, low power consumption with superior reliability and data retention.

SMIC also offers an extensive line of ETOX NOR Flash technologies from 0.18μm to 65nm. These processes provide customers with cost-effective, high-performance, reliable products that offer low power consumption and high endurance.


SMIC offers a trench MOSFET process in a wide voltage range from 20V-100V, covering a wide range of applications, including lithium batteries, notebook computers, mobile phones, electric bikes and others. The 0.18μm trench process has entered volume production with significantly reduced die size.

SMIC offers an industry-leading Bi-polar-CMOS (BCD) power management platform from 0.35μm to 0.18μm with customizable CMOS density and a combination of bipolar NPN and PNP devices, as well as high voltage LDMOS.

Turnkey Services

In addition to SMIC’s affiliated backend service companies, SMIC Turnkey Services provide a full line of backend supply chain management to deliver a complete suite of wafer sort, wafer bumping, packaging & assembly, and final test services. This network is composed of leading service providers that are qualified at SMIC according to customer requirements.