At Sondrel we have helped hundreds of companies like you turn their ideas into working silicon. From start-ups to multinationals. From project-based engagements, including Off-shore ODC, to a range of service offerings that covers everything from the scoping of the chip design through to RTL. And then taking that through to full tested and shipped silicon with full supply chain management.


How do we do this? Unlike many of our competitors with teams of junior engineers in offices that need close supervision, we have invested in 200 plus senior engineers with an average of more than 15 years relevant industry experience each to handle very the largest designs, we have Architects with years of experience in knowing exactly how to design and trade off to achieve desired PPA results. Our backend teams have been routinely working on the most advanced nodes of any services company. We’ve completed three TSMC 7nm tape-outs and have just finished pipe-cleaning our flow for Samsung 5LLP with an ARM A53 based design.


Not only are we an ARM design partner, but we are also a TSMC DCA and Samsung SAFE Design Solution Partner. So you could not put your design in better hands to have a low risk, fast path to turn your idea into working silicon.  Founded in 2002, Sondrel has been doing chip design in China for more than 12 years and has offices in the UK, China, India, France, Morocco and the USA.


Turnkey Services

Taking your concept through to volume silicon handling all aspects of design through to NPI and production packaged chips.

Off-shore Design Centre (ODC) Project Services

Taking one or more aspects of your design, for example architecture, design, verification, place & route, DFT or Package design and put together a team of engineers with a project manager to achieve agreed mile-stones in the development of your silicon.

ODC Design Augmentation

Remotely work as part of your team to augment and extend the skills of your engineers working under your project management.