SystematIC Design

The Netherlands

SystematIC (1998) has proven track record of analog, mixed-signal  IC and system  design with a focus on Sensor Interfacing, Power conversion and  Power management.  We support leading product companies worldwide with high performance, state-of the art circuits that are fully-functional on first pass and match their ambitious financial and timing budgets. We design in BiCMOS, CMOS and SOI technologies, and from very low operating voltage up to 700 volts. The main business models are Custom ASIC design, IP development and Full turnkey. We are active in Automotive, Industrial, Space, Scientific and Consumer Electronics market. Our ‘SystematIC’ approach to design challenges along with long standing strategic partnership with prominent foundries and the whole eco-system of ASIC product development and most importantly our strong focus on customer-driven solutions ensures clients stay ahead of the competition. We are located in Delft and Eindhoven, The Netherlands.


SystematIC- Custom ASIC Design

SystematIC , as its name aptly suggests, draws its strength from a thorough systematic development methodology and a profound knowledgebase which it applies to practical implementation of every analog and mixed signal ASIC it develops. Thanks to the ‘SystematIC’ methodologies, a fully functional, on-spec first silicon is attainable with minimum number of design iterations and significantly reduced overall development cost and time-to-market.


Applying the ‘SystematIC’ approach entails determining at an early stage of development if an idea is successfully implementable on a mass produce able chip. If yes, deciding how to do the same optimally in terms of electrical performance, cost and development time. In a nutshell, the electrical behavior of external elements is modelled to define an electronic IC architecture with the best processing of the electrical signals. IC’s key aspects of signal, noise, speed and linearity are investigated with available power and process technology. Performance parameters are assessed without full transistor level detail for all circuits.


During the following detailed design phase, all circuits are carefully designed, layouted and verified for all process and environmental conditions. The circuit simulator is used to confirm this overall process and environmental conditions. Layouts are carefully checked with the industry standard tools, including parasitic extraction to confirm on spec operation before first silicon.

Turnkey (Supply chain Services)

In addition to the development and validation of prototypes on silicon, Systematic provides full supply chain management of customer specific IC products. Although operations are subcontracted, Systematic holds the unique responsibility of the entire SC- from order to delivery on time at customers’ preferred manufacturing site. The services typically includes:


  • order management and follow-up of production: Flexible and custom-specific delivery and quality agreements
  • Periodical audits of the subcontractors: All the subcontractors are certified ISO 9001
  • Quality control
  • Failure Analysis
  • Test cost optimization by specifying Industrial Automated test program
  • Cost optimization through yield management and improvement


Our worldwide cooperation with Packaging and testing companies in addition to internal qualification carried out on final devices before start of production enhances the overall quality of deliverables. An example of such qualification level is AEC-Q100 for Automotive.


This turnkey approach has optimized cost of mass-production solutions for several customers.

Sensor Interfacing

  • MEMS Interfacing
  • Capacitive Sensor Interfaces: Capacitive probe, proximity sensor
  • Magnetic Sensor Interfaces: Hall sensor IP, Magneto Resistor readout, Inductor readout
  • Hall sensor: programmable linear, GTS, high speed current sensor,
  • optical & radiation sensor interfaces : Proximity and light sensor IP, X-ray readout, Optical arrays
  • Thermal Sensor Interfaces: Temperature sensor, Flow sensor
  • Pressure sensor Interfaces : Microphone, Pressure sensor interface

Integrated Power

  • LDO regulators: low quiescent current / high current output
  • Buck, boost, buck/boost, fly-back, … topologies
  • Highly efficient DC-DC converter as switching mode power supply
  • Integrated charge pumps and voltage doublers
  • Protection Modules : Over voltage, Over current, Over temperature protection modules
  • Class D Amplifier
  • Low voltage converter: LED driver, MPPT Solar converter, Battery management
  • Drivers : Sensor less vibration motor driver, Hearing Protection Actuator, Linear Amplifier for Headset

High Voltage Expertise

The following is a list of high voltage ASIC projects developed by SystematIC:

  • High voltage switch (ASIC) – 7500V
  • LED Driver Boost-converter ASIC (MM3097) from battery supply (3-6V) – 36V
  • Mains connected LED Driver ASIC – 650V
  • Highly efficient, high voltage ASIC in for primary side control of power-converters – 600V
  • Regulator for automotive application – 40V

IP Cores

Analog IP

While applying the SystematIC design methodology many analog and mixed signal circuits were developed in the sensor and power domain.


Most functions are available as IP blocks ready to use, therefore can be applied as initial design for applications that require different specifications. IP blocks are available in main CMOS technology ranging from 55nm to 350nm of leading IC foundries.


List of  IP blocks ( key performance parameters are indicated between brackets):


Building blocks:

  • VCO’s and CCO’s (wide tuning range, low noise)
  • Filters (fully integrated, LP, HP, Notch)
  • Drivers (HV, high power)
  • Comparators (low power, high speed, hysteresis)
  • AD conversion (sigma delta, 10-16 bits)
  • DA conversion
  • Voltage references (accuracy and low noise, trimmed-untrimmed)
  • LDO’s (low bias current, wide load stability)
  • Supporting functions: UVLO, POR, temperature protections.
  • Amplifiers (low offset, low noise, low power, high accuracy)



  • DCDC conversion (buck, boost, flyback, resonant, )
  • Charge pumps (fully integrated, HV)
  • PLLs
  • Hall sensor (fast response time, programmable, fully integrated)
  • PS ALS, Photo current (low noise)
  • Communication Interfaces I2C, serial interface
  • Digital XTAL (low noise)