TES Electronic Solutions


TES Electronic Solutions GmbH is a leading German ASIC Design House and technology company offering ASIC, embedded hard and software, RF design and supply chain services as well as a comprehensive portfolio of complex  IPs such as GPUs, Display Controllers, Peripheral Graphics, Automotive Lightning Processors, 3D Surroundview, HMI libraries,  RF, radar & antenna IP, radar, as well as various mixed-signal and digital building blocks for ASIC and FPGA designs.


ASIC design and supply chain management

Full spectrum ASIC design from feasibility, circuit design, physical design and layout, prototyping, characterization, reliability and production testing, supply chain management.


We serve all markets with a focus on industrial and automotive.


Modern labs for FPGA prototyping as well as RF designs, hardware designs and software are handled inhouse.

ASIC design services

  • Analog and RF design
  • Digital design (including full FPGA prototyping -> any vendor)
  • Verification (Digital, Analog, Mixed-Signal)
  • Middle-End
  • Back-End
  • Complete GDS2 handling
  • Validation including PCB design and software
  • Industrialization

IP Cores

Video and Graphics

GPU (Graphical Proccessing Unit)  family with various SW and HW IP cores

Video Input Controller IP family

Display Controller IP family

Warping Engines

Automotive Lighting Processors


  • Supports advanced GUIs and 3D graphics on display up to ~4k resolution
  • Multiple video and graphics sources can be flexibly displayed on several monitors
  • On the fly blending, windowing cropping and scaling of all image layers with programmable blend order
  • Advanced on-the-fly blend features and color format conversion options
  • Supports on the fly 90° rotation of the output image (special CDC-500 feature)
  • Source/Sink switch matrix at runtime fully controllable by software
  • Separate GPUs for symbols and control and for 3D graphics like map rendering or 3D animations
  • Warping engine for fisheye camera correction (or HUD pre-distortion)
  • Allows blending of daylight- and IR-camera images

Digital IP

Comprehensive portfolio of cores such as:


  • Digital IP Automotive Connectivity (e.g. CAN)
  • Audio Decoders (AAC HE/LC)
  • Encryption (AES)
  • FFT
  • Standards (SPI, I2C…)
  • UWB
  • OFDM

Analog IP

Large portfolio of analogue IP in different technologies from XFAB, IHP, TOWER.