Tuple Technologies


At Tuple Tech, we have developed a platform, Tropos, that is specifically designed to help semiconductor designers with their IC, FPGA and system design workloads.


Tropos platform features –

  • ITOps, DevSecOps, Managed Services
  • On-Prem, Cloud or Hybrid
  • ECAD administration
  • License usage & analytics
  • Multi-Cloud cost optimized for Semiconductor workloads
  • Cybersecurity to protect Semiconductor IP in public clouds
  • Compliance – CMMC, NIST, ISO


IaC (Infrastructure as Code) setup for Semiconductor flows

Out of the box infrastructure set up using IaC techniques to customize for your IC, FPGA and System development needs.

  • Terraform
  • Ansible

Managed Services - ITops, DevSecOps

  • Built-in threat detection, Anomalies & drift detection & Incident Escalation Management
  • Network Monitoring & Alerting

Incident Management & Alerts

  • Incident Management
  • Routes, Escalates and Alerts team members on Call Schedule
  • Inbound phone numbers & Call Routing
  • Workflow automation & Integration across Slack, Jira, Teams, Splunk

ECAD administration

  • ECAD License administration
  • ECAD License usage & analytics
  • Autoscaling of Compute resources

Multi-Cloud usage to optimize costs

Automation for spawning IC workload jobs to the cost optimized compute resources across AWS, GCP, Azure

Cybersecurity of compute resources in public clouds

  • Protect semiconductor IP
  • Compliance – CMMC, NIST, ISO