Tusk IC


Tusk IC is a fabless millimeter wave IC design company. With 5G, 60GHz communication and self-driving cars all relying on millimeter wave (mmWave) to break through, Tusk IC providestate-of-the-art design services for integrated circuits from 10GHz – 600GHz in CMOS and SiGe technologies. Tusk IC’s main business model is project-based mmWave wave design services, with optional analog/digital/manufacturing through partners. Tusk IC is based in Antwerp, Belgium, but provides design services worldwide.


mmWave ASIC design services

  • State-of-the-art design services from 3GHz to 300GHz+
  • CMOS, SOI and SiGe
  • Assistance in technology selection
  • Component modeling and simulation
  • From system level to prototype
  • Consultancy, design reviews

ASIC prototype characterization

  • Validation and characterization of ASIC prototypes through measurements up to 1.1THz.

mmWave markets

  • 5G, high-speed communication
  • Satcom
  • 60GHz ISM band
  • Automotive radar
  • E-band backhaul communication
  • Dielectric sensing, contactless sensing
  • Industrial quality control

IP Cores

60GHz Power Amplifier

  • 60GHz Push-Pull PA with low AM-PM distortion for Gbps communication, 40nm CMOS

100+GHz transceivers for Gbps communication links

  • 120GHz VCO with 8% tuning range, 65nm CMOS
  • 90GHz Injection-locked ASK receiver, 40nm CMOS

THz transmitter

  • 540GHz transmitter with on-chip dipole antenna, in 40nm CMOS