UMC’s core services as a pure play foundry involve delivering the world’s leading-edge technology through advanced research & development while providing the most advanced manufacturing capabilities. In addition, UMC employs a comprehensive IP program, protected by a security policy to guard the intellectual property rights of our customers and vendors.

Combine these with our advanced 28nm and below process technologies, extensive package and test capabilities, and state-of-the-art 300mm manufacturing, and the result is complete foundry solutions that customers can leverage to deliver successful results in a timely fashion.


Advanced Technology 40nm, 28nm

UMC’s 28nm process technology is developed for applications that require the highest performance process technology. In October 2008, we were the first foundry to deliver fully functional 28nm SRAM chips, and have proven in customer silicon the High-k/metal gate solution used for this technology node. UMC’s 28nm progress was also recognized by the industry with the foundry being selected to present at the 2009 IEDM on a hybrid High-k/metal gate approach. Currently, we are already working with several customers to adopt their products on UMC’s 28nm technology.

UMC is a leading foundry provider of 45/40nm technology, having delivered customer products on this advanced process node since 2008. Numerous customers are now in production at UMC for their 40nm products. UMC’s 40nm technology offering includes both Low Power (LP) and high performance (40G) platforms to meet various design application needs. The 40nm logic process utilizes immersion lithography, various mobility enhancement techniques, ultra shallow junction and ultra low-k dielectric for maximum power and performance optimization.


Advanced Technology 90nm, 65nm/55nm

UMC’s 65-nanometer SoC solution begins with a flexible technology design platform. Customers are able to choose the process device options that are optimized for their specific application, such as Standard Performance (SP), Low Leakage (LL) or Low Power (LP) transistors. The high performance characteristics of UMC’s 65nm SP process enable designers to utilize the technology to power a broad range of applications from consumer products to graphics ICs. Technology options can also be implemented including mixed signal/RFCMOS and embedded memories (1T-RAM URAMTM Option, 0.12um2) to further customize the process.

UMC has been shipping customer products based on its 90-nanometer (0.09-um) logic process since March of 2003. Currently, we are in volume production for numerous customers’ 90nm products.

UMC offers low-k or FSG for its 90nm manufacturing, giving customers the flexibility to choose the dielectric material best suited for their particular product application. Companies demanding performance, density, and power efficiency will benefit from UMC’s 90nm technology.


Mature Nodes

Many modern electronics such as analog, mixed Signal, RFCMOS, MCU, power management, audio IC, etc., are produced on foundry’s mature 6″ or 8″ technologies. UMC has world class manufacturing capabilities with innovative engineering resources to support these industry segments, with millions of 6″ and 8″ wafers already shipped. UMC continues to support the evolving market by differentiating our mature technologies for our customers, such as offering UMC’s A+ technology, the most innovative 0.11um aluminum platform in the foundry industry.

UMC offers a complete technology portfolio to fulfill the requirements of diversified applications at mature nodes. Customers are able to select a suitable solution among technology nodes ranging from 0.8um to 0.11um, all with good yield, reliable quality and efficient logistic services.

Speciality Technology MS/RF, NVM, HV

UMC’s MS/RFCMOS platform is based on our standard logic process to deliver a high performance, low cost solution for RFIC designs. UMC’s MS/RFCMOS technologies span from 0.25µm to 40nm process nodes, with 28nm capability being developed.

Modern consumer products encounter the challenge of higher diversification but lower volume of units. Embedded non-volatile memories can satisfy this trend since they can be used in different applications by updating firmware. UMC provides several kinds of eNVM solutions for different application needs including eFlash, eE2PROM, eMTP, eOTP, and eFuse. For high endurance applications such as smart card, SIM card or MCU, eE2PROM or eFlash is ideal. Middle to low range endurance or density applications such as power management ICs can adopt eMTP. Those requiring one time programmable applications can adopt eOTP or eFuse.

UMC’s complete eHV solutions not only accommodate various LCD driver sizes but also for other display or non-display-related applications. For display applications, UMC’s offerings target highly-integrated small panel solutions, such as mobile phones or DSC, to function-specific large panel solutions, such as NB/monitors or LCD TVs.

Test Services/Package Solution

UMC’s testing services incorporate the latest software and hardware solutions to provide efficient, streamlined testing. Full service testing areas are located within all of UMC’s 200mm and 300mm facilities. Customers can monitor test and probing progress via the MyUMC online customer web portal.

Furthermore, UMC also offers verified package solutions, with an emphasis on solution development. With the advent of low-k dielectric and advanced backend structures such as BOAC, UMC’s development methodology is critical to ensure compatibility between silicon and package material.