A Silicon Platform as a Service (SiPaaS®) company which provides world class System on a Chip (SoC) and System in a Package (SiP) solutions. VeriSilicon is a leading IP provider that address a wide range of applications, including datacenter, consumer, automotive, industrial, and medical electronics.


Vivante® scalable intelligent pixel processing solutions include ISP, Neural Network (NPU), GPU and GPGPU, Hantro® video codecs, and display processors. ZSP® (DSP) based solutions include HD audio/voice and wireless including BLE5.0, Wi-Fi, and NB-IoT. VeriSilicon’s RF and mixed signal IP portfolio includes thousands of titles in a range of process nodes.


Since 2001, VeriSilicon has been a trusted supplier for licensed IP and turnkey ASIC services for eight of the world’s 2018 top ten semiconductor companies, innovative start-ups and leading OEM and operators. Offering a range of engagement models from concept/architecture to mass production and software enablement, VeriSilicon is ISO 9001/27001/16494/26262 certified delivering AEC-Q100/PAP qualification.


SiPass Silicon Platform as a Service

VeriSilicon has been delivering ASIC and SoC solutions since 2001 and developed a differentiated set of product proven platforms for key market segments including consumer, industrial, automotive, IoT, cloud and edge server applications. These platforms are built around industry standard compute, multimedia and connectivity IP with common interconnect, implementation and firmware. SiPaaS enables VeriSilicon to deliver fast time to market with product proven design IP.

System in Package (SiP) Turnkey Service

VeriSilicon’s advanced SiP (System in Package) assembly technology, testing methodology has fostered up an established SiP eco-system. The advantages of this service, is our ability to provide customized differentiated products with smaller form factor, better electrical performance, lower power consumption, faster time to market and cost competitive SiP turn-key service.


  • SiP technical proposal and cost estimation
  • The third party KGD (known good die) purchase and management
  • Passive components purchase and management
  • Package design and chip-package-PCB co-design/co-simulation
  • Design for testing, test plan and test program development
  • SLT (system level testing)
  • Reliability qualification service
  • Debug/failure analysis
  • Domestic/overseas logistics operation
  • Fast time to market
  • Continuously cost down solution
  • Flexible business cooperation

ChipStarter Multi-Client ASIC Programs

The ChipStarter Program matches the requirements of multiple clients with similar Chiplet/SiP/ASIC/SoC/Module level requirements in order to lower the barriers to entry for semi-custom solutions and access to the most advanced process nodes and packaging technology.

IP Cores

Analog and Mixed Signal IP

VeriSilicon’s mixed signal IP portfolio consists of over 1000 functional “building blocks” specifically designed for most of industry’s popular process technology, ranging from 0.18um to 22nm These SIP (semiconductor IP) blocks offer ease of integration and verification – providing reliability, risk reduction and time-to-market advantages in the development of complex SoCs and ASICs. Silicon proven and production proven are key indicators of IP quality that demonstrates VeriSilicon’s commitment to customer success.


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Graphic and Peripheral IP

VeriSilicon has an impressive range of scalable, licensable Vivante GPU cores that address the rapidly advancing expectations of the semiconductor marketplace. From small form-factor IoT type MCUs with low power consumption, to powerful SoCs perfect for automotive and high-end multimedia applications. Vivante GPUs are designed to fit any die size and power budget, putting them as the most cost-effective solutions available on the market today.


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Interface Controller & PHY IP

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Memory and Logic Library IP

VeriSilicon’s foundry libraries (V.Libs) include a wide range of foundry specific semiconductor IP. V.Libs are optimized for specific processes satisfying different PPA (power, performance, area) criteria and include the following IP types: standard cell libraries, I/O cell libraries and memory compilers.

Our foundry libraries have been downloaded more than 1000 times worldwide due to our wide range and complexity of designs. In addition, VeriSilicon develops custom libraries for customers’ special application and design needs.



  • SMIC: 90nm, 0.11um, 0.13um, 0.15um, 0.165um, 0.18um, 0.25um
  • HHGrace: 0.11um, 0.13um, 0.15um, 0.18um, 0.25um
  • TSMC: 0.13um
  • CSMC: 0.13um,0.18um
  • Silterra: 0.11um, 0.18um
  • ASMC: 0.35um
  • HJTC: 0.18um, 0.25um


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Multimedia & Wireless Communication IP

Hantro Video IP is a family of video decoder and encoder semiconductor IP cores that have been deployed in more than one billion chips in the aggregate worldwide. Hantro Video IP is used by more than 90 semiconductor companies, including multiple tier-1 companies in a variety of market segments such as, smartphones, feature phones, digital still cameras, tablets, set-top boxes, surveillance cameras and video cameras. Hantro Video IP provides semiconductor manufacturers a lowest risk solution for integrating high performance, ultra-low power video capability into their chips.


Machine vision is becoming a critical need in many automotive, industrial, medical, security and even retail markets. Vivante’s Vision IP (VIP) solution is one of the first licensable vision engines to achieve OpenVX™ 1.0 conformance as a dedicated vision processing block. Having Algorithm-Level Programmability™ VIP allows for easy and rapid development of programmable applications approaching fixed function performance and efficiency. It is extremely fast and consumes less power. This is perfect for adaptable mass-market applications, as well as for high-end solutions in automotive ADAS systems that require object identification, pattern recognition and similar vision related features.


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Processor & Microcontroller IP

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