VLC Photonics


VLC Photonics is a fabless company that specializes in photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and offers its services to various companies and researchers from different fields such as telecom/datacom, sensing, quantum, metrology, LIDAR, and biophotonics.


The company provides turn-key solutions using photonic integration or specific services throughout the entire development process, catering to the specific application domain at hand. VLC Photonics mission is to provide engineering solutions that enable customers to harness the benefits of photonic integration, as well as build upon their provider’s technologies. 


VLC Photonics aims to remain a leading pure-play photonic design and test house, skilled in the main material platforms like Silicon Photonics or lll-V semiconductors like Indium Phosphide, PLC under a fabless business model.


PIC Design Service

Independent design specializing in photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design with materials such as Silicon photonics and III-V semiconductors.


Custom design service: modeling, simulation and design of any proprietary photonic component, subsystem or building block beyond standard libraries offered by foundries.


Layout service: layout of photonic integrated circuits according to a specific foundry process and PDK libraries.


Design support: engineering support for your in-house design team, to help on the design, layout and DRC tasks, as well as an overall review and check including advice on design for manufacturing, test and packaging.

PIC Consultancy Service

Engineering services at the component and system level for photonic integration technology. We perform feasibility assessment services in the R&D phase. 


Definition and review of specifications.


Technology platforms exploration: silicon photonics (SOI, SiN, SiO2/PLC), III-V materials (InP, GaAs, etc.), polymers, etc.


Selection of foundries and packagers.


Preliminary modeling, simulation and planning of the proposed implementation.


We also support on the more business oriented techno-economic evaluation. This includes:


Cost estimation of every stage for prototyping, engineering/pilot production, and volume production.


Interation cycle planning and timing


Intellectual property (IP) evaluation from a technical perspective.

Identification of design and test challenges when scaling up.

PIC Testing Service (Die and Wafer level)

Manual and automated testing services for both die-level and wafer-level in our clean room laboratories.

Opto-electrical testing for both passive and active component


High-frequency RF testing up to 110GHz

Analysis of measurement traces, failure mode analysis, test reports

PIC Packaging Service

Independent solution provider that works with several packaging companies.

Eutectic or epoxy die bonding

Thermal control

DC and RF connections

Micro-optical components

Wire bonding, ribbon bonding

Flip-chip bonding

PIC Manufacturing Service

As a fabless company, we support customer to fabricate for different material platforms such Silicon Photonics and lll-V semiconductors through a network of foundries.


Our PIC manufacturing support services include R&D and prototype runs, dedicated runs and support for moving to mass production.

PIC Training Service

We offer the photonic integration courses, leveraging our expertise in the field of PICs.


Photonic integration design courses

Characterization courses 

Customized training course