VTRAN by Source III Supports Advantest SmarTest 8 Translations

April 17, 2018, anysilicon

Advantest has announced a new programming environment, known as SmarTest 8, for the popular V93000 tester. As more and more users switch to SmarTest 8, it becomes important to have a vector translation tool capable of converting between popular vector formats and SmarTest 8.


Source III is proud to announce that its leading vector translation program VTRAN provides full support for your SmarTest 8 vector translations. With VTRAN, you can now easily link test patterns from DFT tools and ATPG (which are typically in WGL or STIL format) to this powerful new program environment.




In addition, functional patterns from Logic Simulation – which are typically in VCD or EVCD format – can be translated into SmarTest 8 test programs.


Additional features of our SmarTest8 support include:


  • ReadBack for SmarTest 8 validation using Verilog Testbench or VHDL Testbench
  • Writer for SmarTest 8 that supports signal group, timing, wavetable, and several other file types.
  • XMode feature which gives improvements in tester speed and memory compaction of vector data by combining multiple devices into a single tester cycle.
  • Free running clock feature that provides the ability to handle asynchronous clocks, and more.
  • Multiport support, which provides a top-level specification file with period/frequency definitions and imports extracted from the timing file. After multiple multiport translations, these top-level files can be merged thus reducing the need for any post-processing of the timing files.


VTRAN is the most cost-effective, powerful vector translation system used in IC design and test. It is capable of converting to and between over 30 different test program and EDA formats and comes with several additional tools, such as VCAP, VGEN, and DFTView, that all assist with the translation process.


We’re pleased to be one of the first tools that can successfully support Advantest V93k’s newest programming environment, SmarTest 8, and we offer free evaluation licenses for those that want to try Source III’s VTRAN out for themselves. For more information, or to try VTRAN out for yourself, please visit www.sourceiii.com today.


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