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SilabTech is the winner of IESA 2015 Technology Innovation Award

February 12, 2016, anysilicon

press release

SilabTech, leading supplier of High Speed Interface intellectual property designs (IPs), announced today that it was awarded with the 2015 IESA Award for the Most Innovative Product for its High Speed Interface (SERDES) Design which is leading the industry in its Low Power figures while enabling customers to use it in wide variety

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The 2 Easiest Ways to Find IP Cores

January 18, 2016, anysilicon


IP cores availability and quality have become a critical factor to any SoC design success. Engineers have to find and qualify different IP cores quickly and effectively to help boost time to market and reduce the need of unnecessary re-spins.  Moreover, with today’s aggressive time to market demands and the

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Understanding MultiCore Designs

November 30, 2015, anysilicon

Depositphotos_48032905_m-2015 low

Over many years and based upon Moore’s Law, transistor counts have doubled approximately every 24 months as features increase and semiconductor dies grow. This has led to performance increases of 1000x over 20 years with microarchitecture advances and faster transistors.

With the technology, developers obtained

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AnySilicon Surpasses ChipEstimate in Website Ranking

September 10, 2015, anysilicon


AnySilicon, the semiconductor vendors marketplace and IP portal reveals today its official website ranking measured by the global leader in website analytics.
In the past ChipEstimate and Design-Reuse were the only players in the IP portal market. But in Jan-2015 AnySilicon has launched a new IP portal in

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The battery is dead; long live power management.

September 08, 2015, anysilicon


The 52nd Annual Design Automation Conference (DAC52) at San Francisco’s Moscone Centre had a number of interesting power management announcements, making this one of the hottest topics of the show. SureCore unveiled its own low power SRAM technology, creating a great deal of interest and setting a new low power

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The IP licensing business model. A love story.

August 19, 2015, anysilicon


Some months ago my colleague Rys Sommefeldt wrote an article offering his (deeply) technical perspective on how a chip gets made, from R&D to manufacturing. While his bildungsroman production covers a lot of the engineering details behind silicon production, it is light on the business side of things; and that is a

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