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Sidense Demonstrates Successful 1T-OTP IP Core Operation in TSMC 16nm FinFET Process

September 01, 2016, anysilicon


Sidense Corp., a leading developer of Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) One-Time Programmable (OTP) IP cores, today announced that it has demonstrated successful operation of its patented SHF 1T-OTP memory IP macros at TSMC’s 16FF+ and 16FFC process nodes.

Parametric measurements for both 16FF+ and 16FFC silicon were made during programming

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IP-Maker Showcase OLTP SQL Acceleration

August 24, 2016, anysilicon


IP-Maker, the NVMe expert startup, showcased its new SQL acceleration demo at Flash Memory Summit, reaching 200k+ transactions per minutes (TPM) on a low cost server, leading in a very efficient performance/cost/power consumption configuration.
“We used to highlight the low latency IOPS of our NVMe technology in the past

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Dolphin Integration unveils a Smart Modulator IP Core for lowest power digital microphones

August 22, 2016, anysilicon


The trend for intuitive and simple user interfaces is driving the growing demand for voice control, either for complementing or for replacing keyboards, touchscreens and other traditional controls.
This need for a new generation of green microphones leads to embedding the capability for waking up the rest of the

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Faraday 12.5G SerDes PHY Debuts on UMC 28HPC

August 03, 2016, anysilicon

pic_xPONSerDes_eye diagram

Faraday Technology Corporation (TWSE: 3035), a leading ASIC design service and
IP provider, and United Microelectronics Corporation (NYSE: UMC; TWSE: 2303)
(“UMC”), a leading global semiconductor foundry, today announced the
availability of Faraday’s 12.5Gbps programmable SerDes PHY IP on UMC’s 28HPC(U)
process technology. The success of Faraday’s 12.5G SerDes PHY

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STMicroelectronics Acquires ams’ NFC and RFID Reader Assets

July 31, 2016, anysilicon


STMicroelectronics, (NYSE: STM) , a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronic applications, today announced that it has acquired ams’ (SIX: AMS) assets related to NFC and RFID reader business. ST has acquired intellectual property, technologies, products and business highly complementary to its secure microcontroller solutions serving mobile devices,

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$15 Million Investment in SerDes IP Company

July 26, 2016, anysilicon

serdes ip

Kandou Bus, S.A., the world’s highest performance and lowest energy SerDes technology company, has announced that it has completed a $15M investment with Bessemer Venture Partners. The resources will enable Kandou to expand research and accelerate the development, productization and deployment of Kandou’s Chord™ signaling SerDes technology. Kandou has developed

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