Caliber Interconnect Solutions Joins AnySilicon Program

AnySilicon, the leading marketplace for semiconductor service providers, announced today that Caliber Interconnect Solutions, a product engineering solutions company, has joined AnySilicon to promote its semiconductor engineering services. As part of the AnySilicon platform, Caliber will gain access to a full range of online marketing services to showcase its offering, increase exposure and generate leads.


AnySilicon is an online marketplace linking ASIC service providers and companies in search of IC vendors. Covering ASIC design, IP cores, verification, validation, packaging, testing, and turnkey service providers, the AnySilicon site allows companies to easily find ASIC vendors anywhere in the world with specific domain expertise that match their needs.


About Caliber


Caliber Interconnect Solutions, Inc. (CIS), is an integrated product engineering company with proven track record of offering cost effective and intelligent engineering solutions for major global players in industries such as Semiconductor,Telecommunication, Avionics, Railways.

As a company, Caliber Interconnect Solutions has been providing design and test services for almost 20+ years. We are an ISO certified design engineering house with over 450+ engineering professionals with a very strong focus on  test engineering, hardware  design, package design and development, SI/PI Simulations etc.

Website: https://www.caliberinterconnect.net/


About AnySilicon


Founded in 2011, AnySilicon is the best way to explore, find and contact semiconductor service providers and IP vendors online. AnySilicon is a unique ASIC services and IP marketplace that covers all domains starting from ASIC design to production and also an IP portal to help ASIC decision makers find the best partner with the right solution, best cost and shortest time to market. AnySilicon is part of HardwareBee.com which consists of a marketplace for electronic design services. 


Website: https://anysilicon.com/

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