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Radio Analog Micro Electronics


RAME srl is a fabless ASIC & IP design company specializing in frequency synthesizers, energy-efficient power management and AD converters.

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CoreHW is your one-stop custom ASIC solution partner. CoreHW can create your exclusive ASIC in a flash with our broad IP portfolio and partner network. CoreHW is ISO9001:2015 certified company.

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ALTER Technology


Alter Technology are an OSAT providing assembly/packaging test and qualification services in the semiconductor industry.

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Integra Technologies


Integra Technologies and its full-turnkey capabilities of die preparation, packaging, testing and characterization of Hi-Rel semiconductor components and related value-added services.

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Rochester Electronics


Rochester provides a range of manufacturing services, such as wafer storage, die processing, design, assembly, electrical testing, failure analysis, and reliability testing.

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Atek Midas


ATEK is a tech company, working on high frequency circuit design. ATEK focuses on providing design and development services from RFIC/MMIC components to Microwave/mm-wave Subsystems based on customer needs.

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