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    Andy B. Gam

    we have an option to buy an IP from a large IP provider and from a small one, there is a HUGE price difference and both IP are silicon proven, what am I missing?


    The pricing will be low for the small company for it to win business against a large and established big company.

    1) Look for how much support the small company can provide. What if a silicon bug was discovered in the IP. Will they be able to support in terms of root cause and a fix ?

    2) What are the future plans of the small company for same IP? For example if it is a protocol IP, is there a plan to develop a newer one for a next version of protocol. eg: PCIE Gen 3.0 vs Gen 4.0

    3) How much of logic optimization is done in terms of performance/power? Are both copmparable?

    4) Do they provide verification test suites ? What if you want to integrate the IP and then verify for compliance after your glue logic and other stuff is added

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