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    Dear Forum,

    We are a medical company with long history of using ICs in our product, one of our products which uses an old technology has a Last Time Buy. It’s a digital IC and we need 100K units per year, does it make sense to use an FPGA instead of an IC?

    Appreciate to have your inputs. — Analisa


    Why do you not continue using your IC?
    On my point of view, the cost for FPGA with 100K units is high.

    Hagay Gellis

    Dear JJ,

    IMO, it depends on the cost of your device. in the short term, you will have to invest quite some $$ in order to replace that IC of yours, but in the long term, this could be beneficial. it also depends on the price you sell your device and the production margin you have.
    on the other hand, it might be a good opportunity to check if your entire design may be put in a single ASIC rather than looking for IC replacement and in that way the ROI might be greater.

    Hagay / CEVA


    Dear JJ,

    which process is this about? Maybe ON Semiconductor may have a similar one still available. Porting of digital products is relatively easy.

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