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    hi everyone,

    I enjoy this site very mush. One quick question. How do one come around estimating yield for calculating chip price? the project is 0.13, 8.4mmsq fully digital.

    What assumption should one make?

    with best regards!


    Hi Sasha,

    You need to get the defect density factor from the foundry you are using. You also need to know the percentage of memory you have in the chip.
    Based on the information you provided, your die yield should be ~96%.



    Yield estimation is an art and it depends upon many parameters that affect the yield and not to forget the Die Per Wafer (DPW). E.g.
    – Design complexity, test coverage and test limits, Packaging specifications …etc.
    – Edge exclusion zone 0, 3 or 6 mm -> 31415, 29.559, and 27,759 sqmm/wafer (8″ wafer), 80um-100um scribeline, test structures, e.g.

    The simple prediction is the thumb rule: 99%-area in mm2 = 99%-8.4 = 90.6%. Do not use this for very small or very large dies.

    Another approch is to list the flow and add the individuel percentages:
    Wafer mfg. -> Wafer Level Test -> Packaging -> Component Level test -> T&R
    100% -> 75% -> 96% -> 96% -> 99,99%

    The figures above is for a product where the WLT yield is low compared to the packaging price – therefore the WLT is reuired.

    Best regards

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