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Moving towards Context Aware Verification (CAV)

February 23, 2017, anysilicon

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The race between predictions vs. achievement of Moore’s law has had multi-fold impact on the semiconductor industry. Reuse has come to the rescue both from the design and verification viewpoint to help teams achieve added functionality on a given die size. This phenomenon lead to the proliferation of IP &

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Evolution of the Test Bench

April 11, 2016, anysilicon


Nothing is permanent except change and need constantly guides innovation. Taking a holistic view with reference to a theme throws light on the evolution of the subject. In a pursuit to double the transistors periodically, the design representation has experienced a shift from transistors  à gates à RTL and now to synthesizable models. As

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10 Essential ingredients for developing VIPs

March 07, 2016, anysilicon

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The last post Verification IP : Build or Buy? initiated some good offline discussions over emails & with verification folks on my visit to customers. Given the interest, here is a quick summary of important items that needs to be taken care of while developing a VIP or evaluating one. Hopefully they will further

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Verification IP : Build or Buy?

January 28, 2016, anysilicon

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Consumerism of electronic products is driving the SoC companies to tape out multiple variants of products every year. Demand for faster, low power, more functionality and interoperability is forcing the industry to come up with standard solutions for different interfaces on the SoC. In past couple of years, tens of new protocols have

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The 4th C in Verification

December 09, 2015, anysilicon

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The 3C’s of verification i.e. Constraints, Checkers & Coverage have been playing an important role enabling faster verification closure. With growing complexity and shrinking market windows it is important to introduce the 4th C that can be a game changer in actually differentiating your product development life cycle. Interestingly the 4th C

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Verification IP : Changing landscape

November 24, 2015, anysilicon

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For decades, EDA industry has been working out options to improve their offerings and ensure silicon success for the semiconductor industry. A few decades back, while the EDA giants were unknown, design automation was exercised individually in every organization developing a product. Gradually these tools moved out of the design

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