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SoC Manufacturing and Test Trends

August 25, 2015, anysilicon

Technology Trends
Process technology is progressing at a very fast pace and 16/14nm FinFET- based SOCs are available from various fabless companies. Significant investments in the development of advanced technology nodes are being made to ensure that future demands are met. This makes fab utilization of primary importance.

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Overview and Dynamics of Scan Chain Testing

May 20, 2014, anysilicon

This is a guest post by Naman Gupta, a Static Timing Analysis (STA) engineer at a leading semiconductor company in India.

In accordance with the Moore’s Law, the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles after every two years. While such high packing densities allow more functionality to be incorporated on

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My Golden Rule for Chip Production Testing

March 10, 2014, anysilicon

Chip production testing is probably the most underestimated task by ASIC development engineers. And yet, testing is an essential step with a direct impact on final chip cost.
Let’s start with the basics. Testing of chips is necessary because the chip manufacturing process cannot provide 100% yield. Silicon foundries

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Six ways to improve chip yield rate- before the project starts

February 11, 2013, anysilicon

Early on in Chip projects, yield is not taken very seriously. The common thinking goes –  anyhow there isn’t much to do as this early point of time. However, there are actually several things you can do even before the Chip design starts, which will translate to clear savings.


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Semiconductor Assembly and Test Services (SATS) Market and Leaders

January 28, 2013, anysilicon

Semiconductor Assembly and Test Services are converting rapidly into a pure outsourcing mode of operation. While today perhaps only 50% of the market is using Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT, or SATS) this number is set to increase in the future.
While many of the low-end suppliers are competing

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Introduction to LoadBoard Design and Production

August 09, 2012, anysilicon


LoadBoard (LB) is a mandatory, custom made PCB, that acts as a mechanical and electrical interface between the tester (ATE) and the device under test (DUT). LoadBoard has well-defined physical dimensions and it must fit perfectly into the tester.  It is one piece of the entire ASIC Test Solution and it

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