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CMOS Image Sensor: Ultimate Guide

cmos image sensor cis

Imagine a world where every moment is captured with immaculate clarity, from the delicate hues of a sunset to the swift action of a sporting event. The heart of this imagery revolution lies in the CMOS image sensor (CIS), a masterpiece of technology little known outside expert circles. Its evolution

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Understanding Wafer Cost

The factors affecting silicon wafer cost are numerous. From the resistivity required for different applications to the physical size of the wafers, and not least the quality grades that separate the pristine from the less perfect; each aspect intricately influences the cost.

As we embark on this

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Introduction to Silicon Carbide Semiconductor

In a world hungry for efficient power, Silicon Carbide Semiconductors are the unsung heroes behind the scenes. From revolutionizing industrial machines to powering sophisticated electronics, their impact is both broad and deep. Prepare to discover the versatile applications that make silicon carbide semiconductors a cornerstone of modern technology.

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Multi Project Wafer (MPW) Service and Price

We wrote before about multi project wafer benefits for IC designers of using MPW multi-project-wafer services.
Multi Project Wafer service is allowing companies to share the expensive mask cost. Essentially, Multi project wafer (MPW) services integrate onto silicon wafers several different integrated circuit designs from various teams. These designs

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Global Top 10 Foundries Q4 Revenue Up 7.9%, Annual Total Hits US$111.54 Billion in 2023

Mar. 12, 2024 —- The latest TrendForce report reveals a notable 7.9% jump in 4Q23 revenue for the world’s top ten semiconductor foundries, reaching $30.49 billion. This growth is primarily driven by sustained demand for smartphone components, such as mid and low-end smartphone APs and peripheral PMICs. The launch season for Apple’s latest

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Semiconductor Foundry Revenue 2023-2024

In their latest report TrendForce revealed that in 2023, Semiconductor foundry revenues hit US$117.47 billion, with TSMC capturing a dominant 60% share. This figure is expected to climb to around $131.65 billion in 2024, increasing TSMC’s share to 62%. Not only is TSMC leading in revenue, but it has also

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