Dolphin Integration Joins GlobalFoundries FDXcelerator™ Program to Provide Breakthrough Fabric IP

October 17, 2017, anysilicon

Energy management is at the heart of the new generation of systems-on-chips (SoCs) targeting battery-powered applications. More complex power architectures are required to enable devices to run on the same battery for years rather than months. These new architectures often result in new noise challenges.


To deal with the complex tasks of defining and implementing the power regulation and the activity control networks, SoC architects and designers had to rely on custom-made designs, and limited in terms characterization of noise transfer functions, with all inherent time-to-market, area, risk and cost issues.


Dolphin has joined the GlobalFoundries FDXcelerator™ ecosystem with its breakthrough SoC Fabric IP, compliant with Dolphin Integration’s “DELTA” rules, to streamline and speed-up the design of cost-effective low-power SoC in 22FDX®


“Our comprehensive and robust library of voltage regulators, power gating cells and logic modules, enables to deal cost-effectively and securely with power distribution, power gating, power monitoring and power control of any SoC design in 22FDX” said Michel Depeyrot, Dolphin Integration’s Chairman. “As connected devices sleep most of their time, users of 22FDX also benefit from our ultra-low power and accurate oscillators to design an always-on RTC which consumes as little as 60 nA.”


“22FDX is gaining momentum as the platform of choice for IoT, mobile, and wireless applications, and with more than 20 partners in our Partner Program, we now have the largest FD-SOI IP and services community that is committed to deliver FDX technology,” said Alain Mutricy, senior vice president of Product Management at GF.
“By partnering with Dolphin Integration, we provide our 22FDX customers with a complete and well-structured library of voltage regulators, as silicon IP, together with the needed complement to control the change of power modes and the SoC start-up”.


GF’s FDXcelerator Program brings together selected partners to integrate their products or services into validated, plug-and-play design solutions, giving customers access to a broad set of quality offerings specific to 22FDX technology. The program’s open framework enables members to minimize development time and cost while simultaneously leveraging the inherent power and performance advantages of FDX technology.


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About Dolphin Integration

Dolphin Integration contributes to enabling low-power Systems-on-Chip for worldwide customers. A complete offering of Foundation, Fabric and Feature IPs, combined with the first EDA platform for power-integrity driven designs and ASIC design services, make Dolphin Integration a genuine one-stop shop addressing all customers’ need for cost-effective and power-efficient SoCs.

The company’s incessant striving to innovate for its customers’ success has led to three strong differentiators:

  • state-of-the-art “Fabric IP” for low-power requirements securing the most competitive SoC architectural solutions,
  • an innovative simulation platform enabling power-integrity driven designs to save both silicon and PCB costs,
  • a team of Integration and Application Engineers supporting each user’s need for optimal power regulation network.

Its social responsibility has been from the start focused on the design of analog and mixed signal integrated circuits with low-power consumption, placing the company in the best position to now contribute to new applications for general power savings through the emergence of the Internet of Things.

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