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CEO Talk: Eli Geva

March 12, 2018, anysilicon

Eli Geva

This CEO talk was held with Eli Geva,  CEO of Advanced Semiconductor Technology Ltd. (AST)

Tell me a bit about your background? How did you first get started with AST?
I’ve started to work at AST as a young ASIC engineer back in 1991 and my first project was

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Inomize is Appointed as TSMC Value Chain Aggregator (VCA) Partner

February 16, 2018, anysilicon


Inomize, a leading provider of turnkey, ASIC and SoC design solutions, is appointed by TSMC as one of its authorized VCA partners. As a TSMC VCA partner, Inomize is able to provide its customers with a full turnkey solution from initial design to volume production in TSMC’s most advanced silicon

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Find the right ASIC Supply Chain Service provider for your project

February 05, 2018, anysilicon

 How many ASIC supply chain providers are typically included in a shortlist when launching a project?

We’d argue that too few.
There are over 100 ASIC supply chain providers worldwide that provide a range of services in different domains– ASIC supply chain for low volume, high volume, automotive, industrial,

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CEO Talk: Frederic MAURON

February 01, 2018, anysilicon


This interview was held with Frederic MAURON, a Senior International Sales with Aptasic SA.
Tell me a bit about your background? How did you first get started with Aptasic?
I have a technical background in micro-electronic and completed a business management graduation in 1993.
Tell me about Aptasic?

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Inomize is selected as Supply Chain Manager and to support the development of 3D camera and AI/AR/VR ASIC using TSMC 12nm FFC Technology

December 05, 2017, anysilicon

Chip intuitive

Inomize, a leading provider of turnkey ASIC design solutions, announced today that Inuitive, a developer of innovative technologies for augmented and virtual reality that improve user experiences for latest-generation mobile applications, had selected Inomize to support their new ASIC design program.
Inuitive has partnered with Inomize and introduced the

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Fabless Silicon Manufacture: Should Unit Cost Always Be Minimised?

September 18, 2017, anysilicon


I’m going to assume that low cost is not the main value proposition of your product: I’ll assume that it addresses an existing or emerging market in a way that could be summarised as “better”. But it will have a manufacturing cost associated with it, which will be determined by

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