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CEO Talk: Michael Dube, EVP at Rochester Electronics

This interview was held with Michael Dube, Executive Vice President of Manufacturing Operations and Engineering of Rochester Electronics.

Tell me a bit about your background? How did you first get started with Rochester Electronics?
Sure, let me share a bit about my journey. I kicked off my

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The Economics of ASIC

Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and SoCs play a critical role in modern technological advancements. These customized integrated circuits are designed to cater to specific applications, offering optimized performance, power efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Understanding the economics behind ASICs is essential for businesses and industries that rely on these chips.

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Obsolete Chips – The Ultimate Guide

An obsolete chip is a type of integrated circuit (IC) or an ASIC that is no longer in production or is no longer is available in the market. This can include chips used in early computer systems, analog circuits, or older generations of digital circuits. Obsolete chips can also refer

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ASIC Manufacturers

ASIC Manufacturers is a a group of companies that provide ASIC manufacturing services.
An ASIC Manufacturer will consists of a team of engineers who are educated and experienced in the field of ASIC manufacturing and have the necessary skills and knowledge required to ensure smooth manufacturing of application specific

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Semiconductor Supply Chain

Figure 1: General Overview of the Semiconductor Supply Chain
Being one of the most complex supply chains in the world, the semiconductor supply chain is worth around $0.5 trillion and is often very difficult to understand and manipulate. But before we dive deeper, we need to know what

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Faced by IC shortage or last-time-buy? Protect yourself against IC shortages

Fig 1: Semiconductor manufacturing lines are impacted by Covid-19 induced market shifts
Leuven, March 31st 2021 – The semiconductor world is shaking. In the midst of the Corona pandemic, automotive OEMs had a decline of sales and stopped ordering chips. At the same time homework policies boosted

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