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IC Test Flow For Advanced Semiconductor Packages

May 24, 2017, anysilicon


Higher bus speeds and lower power consumption are design criteria for most modern digital electronic products. Packaging solutions that provide higher bus speeds at reduced power per bit ratios require design techniques that shorten the distance between chips (to reduce drive currents) and use wider data buses (with finer line-space

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Xcerra Corporation to be Acquired by Unic Capital Management

April 11, 2017, anysilicon


Xcerra Corporation (NASDAQ:XCRA) and Sino IC Capital Co. Ltd. today announced that Xcerra and an affiliate of Sino IC Capital , Unic Capital Management Co., Ltd., have entered into a definitive agreement under which Unic Capital Management Co., Ltd., will acquire all outstanding shares of Xcerra for $10.25 per share

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The Ultimate Guide to Wafer Sort

January 25, 2017, anysilicon

wafer sort feature

You may have heard of wafer sort or wafer testing, which is a part of the testing process performed on silicon wafers. Wafer sort is a simple electrical test, that is perform on a silicon die while it’s in a wafer form. Wafer sort’s main purpose is to identify the

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Managing Semiconductor Test Data in Current Age

December 06, 2016, anysilicon


We are living in a fast changing environment, from light bulbs to cars, everything is getting advanced and more efficient. The functionalities of electronic devices are increasing and the associated costs to produce them are decreasing, intensifying the competition. In such a scenario, it becomes challenging and difficult to sustain

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Mentor Graphics Acquires Galaxy Semiconductor

October 31, 2016, anysilicon


Mentor Graphics Corporation today announced that it has acquired Galaxy Semiconductor, a leading provider of test data analysis and defect reduction software for the semiconductor industry. With this acquisition, more design, test, and product engineers will now have access to Galaxy’s powerful solutions for maximizing device yields, improving test quality,

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Trends in DFT and Production Test for IoT Devices

August 09, 2016, anysilicon


Some years ago the term “System On a Chip”, shortened to “SOC”, was coined to describe chips that integrated into themselves the functions of several other chips in an electronic system. The point of this was obviously to reduce cost and form factor in situations where the cost and effort

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