AnySilicon Launches new site with IP portal Capabilities

AnySilicon the leading semiconductor marketplace launched today an IP portal linking IP core vendors and companies in search of IP cores. AnySilicon IP marketplace is covering analog, digital, mixed signal and verification IP cores together with more critical IPs provided by leading IP vendors. AnySilicon site allows companies to easily find IP vendors anywhere in the world with specific domain expertise that match their needs.


The AnySilicon marketplace is an ecosystem comprising of semiconductor services (IC design, verification,  assembly, wafer supply, test, qualification and failure analysis suppliers) of world’s leading semiconductor companies. Based upon that, AnySilicon is adding IP core capabilities to allow users discover, identify and contact IP vendors.


The new platform allows users to improve silicon time to market, quality and budget by selecting a set of suppliers that perfectly match any silicon project requirements.  The additional IP vendors directory will help users access a complete SoC ecosystem covering IP vendors, IC design houses and manufacturing services.


For IP core vendors, AnySilicon offers the opportunity to showcase their offering, share their success stories, and generate leads. The AnySilicon site does not require user registration, which facilitates the connection between the two sides. Learn more at www.anysilicon.com

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