InCore Semiconductors Joins AnySilicon to Expand It’s IPs Reach

AnySilicon, the leading platform for IP Cores and ASIC service providers, is delighted to announce its partnership with InCore Semiconductors, a distinguished startup in IP cores and RSIC-V solutions. By joining AnySilicon, InCore Semiconductor gains access to a comprehensive suite of marketing promotion services aimed at showcasing its offerings, enhancing

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The Ultimate Guide to: BCDMOS

BCDMOS, short for Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS, is a type of semiconductor process that amalgamates three pivotal technologies—Bipolar, CMOS, and DMOS—into a single chip. This remarkable fusion confers unique advantages that have propelled it to a pivotal position in the electronics industry.

Image source: ST Microelectronics
This guide delves into

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Leading the Charge: An Interview with Sofics’ Chief Engineering Olivier Marichal

In the semiconductor industry, where the integration of cutting-edge technologies defines the next generation of electronics, Sofics is recognized for its innovation and reliability. With a portfolio that has empowered over 130 companies worldwide, Sofics’ IP solutions have become synonymous with performance, robustness, and efficiency.
At the heart

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Top 10 Semiconductor Foundries at 4.3% QoQ Drop in 1Q24 Revenue as SMIC Climbed to 3rd Spot, Says TrendForce

market research

Jun. 12, 2024 —- As indicated by the survey of global market intelligence firm TrendForce, 1Q24 marked the entry of a traditional off-season for the consumer end, where the sporadic appearance of urgent orders within the supply chain were mostly replenishment of inventory among individual clients, and exhibited sluggishness in momentum

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ASIC Design for Silicon Photonics

Imagine a world where data moves at the speed of light—literally. Silicon photonics makes this possible, merging optics with the familiar silicon used in traditional electronics.
This advanced technology, originating from the 1980s, stands today as a pivotal innovation in microelectronics. It offers faster data transfer rates and lower

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Fan-Out Panel-Level Packaging (FO-PLP): Ultimate Guide

In this guide, we’ll elucidate the pivotal role of FO-PLP in advancing the semiconductor sector. Harnessing cost-effectiveness with enhanced functionality, FO-PLP beckons a new era of electronic sophistication. Let’s delve into the ultimate guide to Fan-Out Panel-Level Packaging and explore how it’s shaping the future.
Overview of Fan-Out Panel-Level

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