100 IC Wafer Fabs Closed or Repurposed Since 2009

March 27, 2020, anysilicon

Over the past decade, the IC industry has been paring down its older capacity as manufacturers have consolidated or transitioned to the fab-lite or fabless business models.  In its recently released Global Wafer Capacity 2020-2024 report, IC Insights shows that due to the surge of merger and acquisition activity in the middle

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Talking Sense With Moortec – Hyper-Scaling Of Data Centers

March 20, 2020, anysilicon

This is a guest post by Stephen Crosher, CEO of Moortec
As we move in to 2020 it’s clear that every sector of industry, including the semiconductor industry, will have a responsibility to address growing environmental concerns. We should be aware that as our sector underpins the growth in

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U.S. IC Companies Maintain Global Marketshare Lead

March 19, 2020, anysilicon

Regional marketshares of IDMs (companies operating wafer fabs), fabless companies, and total IC sales were led by U.S. headquartered companies in 2019, according to data presented in the recently released March Update to The McClean Report 2020.
Figure 1 shows U.S. companies held 55% of the total worldwide IC

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eMemory Launches Reprogrammable NVM Solution on TSMC Platform

March 16, 2020, anysilicon

Hsinchu, Taiwan (March 16, 2020) –eMemory, the world’s leading provider of intellectual property for non-volatile memory, today announced that its NeoMTP has been qualified on TSMC’s Third-Generation 0.18μm Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) process to provide IoT power-management solutions and cost competitiveness.
eMemory’s NeoMTP is a popular choice for chip designers making

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Sensors and Mobile phones: Evolution of Proximity and Ambience Light sensor

March 12, 2020, anysilicon

When mobile phones changed into smart phones a proximity (PS) and ambient light sensor (ALS) became an important sensor in every phone. Measurement of ambient light is used to adjust the screen backlight. The proximity sensor is used to detect a person holding to phone near the ear. While some

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Transistor Count Trends Continue to Track with Moore’s Law

March 05, 2020, anysilicon

The primary yardstick by which the IC industry measures its technological performance and progress remains Moore’s Law that states there is a doubling of the number of transistors per chip every two years. It pertains to the growth rate of components per chip, but it is sometimes generalized to describe the

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